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  • Premier Icon cookeaa

    Looks quite interesting that.

    Hmmm, I wonder if I could coble a team together…

    I think the Beach race sold out in three days.
    Don’t hang about.
    You can enter a team now, then add or change the names later if you want to be sure of getting a place, but haven’t recruited a partner or full team yet.


    The beach race was great fun, this should be good too.
    Mrs MTG and myself have entered as a mixed pair.
    With a combined age of 104 and Mrs MTG having almost no experience of racing, I would imagine Team Vegan Cyclists will be well down the field.


    Pairs places are going very quickly. At this rate they will sell out fairly soon.
    The course is ace. Lots of very fun singletrack, but its smooth and fast so CX bikes will be fine.

    Anyone who enjoyed the riding at Battle on the Beach will enjoy the course for Tide to Tide. Its essentially more of the same, but a little more compact and shorter time/distance.


    Just bought a pairs, but will prob ride it solo with two different bikes 🙂


    Not sure how much I want saltwater and sand in my gears. Any clues on the course route?


    8km loop. 90% woodland, 10% beach/sand, but not your standard loose beach. It is more akin to riding on tarmac.
    Very close to Pendine where the land speed records were held and where Guy Martin set his speed record.

    Those who rode BOTB can probably say what it was like – although there was a killer headwind that day! 🙂

    Don’t worry about the sand and salt water, the damp sand is so hard packed it’s almost like riding on the road.
    Even a mid pack single speeder like me, working in a bunch, could maintain 24km in to a headwind.
    I wouldn’t do that if it was soft sand.


    Me and Mrs Pete are in the pairs. Looking forward to doing a new event. Didn’t do botb as I didn’t know anything about it til too late.

    Premier Icon FOG

    Years ago I used to do motorbike beach racing, not Weston, more like speedway on sand so on hard packed beaches. I used to keep a special chain to use on the beach and clean it as soon as I got home. One week I was so knackered I just put the bike away without washing it.Expensive mistake, drive train shot, brake pads stuck to discs, cables contaminated, don’t underestimate the destructive power of salty, sand water!

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Me and PlacidCasual are in and are looking forward to well down the standings in Pairs.


    Is there an age restriction, I would like to enter with my 14 year son?

    How hilly is it?



    A quick response from Matt… thanks.

    We are booked, looking forward to making a top weekend of it.

    pop larkin

    Back of the pack are in!

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