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  • Ti Hardtail suggestions
  • alaric
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    Okay, so I might acquire a reasonable sum of money soon and the imagination's running away with itself on a quiet day in the office….

    I'm looking for suggestions for brands to consider for a Ti hardtail.

    I'll want it to be set up for a Rohloff, and to take a long travel fork with overall strength more important than saving the last gram of weight.

    Geometry wise I'm very happy with my Cro-mo Pipedream HT with a 130mm fork, so something similar would be good.

    So far the only real contenders would be a Van Nicholas Mamtor (custom build to get the Rohloff mounting), or a Burls full custom build (not heard of them 'til Google found them – anyone know if they're any good?)

    What else should I be looking at?



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    "What else should I be looking at?"

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    If you already like the geometry, how about a Pipedream Sirius Ti?

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    custom evil sovereign?

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    Seven Cycles Sola S?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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