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  • thule flush roof rails fitting kit help…quickly!
  • meeeee

    Off to France tomorrow and just about to fit the roof bars. I had to get a new footpack kit for the new car which has flush mounted roof rails, ie the car rails without any air space between them and the car roof.

    Bit confused about the instructions though.

    In the first stage, is it giving me a choice of either using the two outside holes or the centre one? At first I thought I have to use the centre one but the next pages still show using the outer ones or centre one.

    Does it make any difference?

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    Not the best set of instructions! I’m about to buy one of these racks so am interested. It looks to me as if it depends on the rack you’re attaching to, and some have a single hole and others have two, the instructions are alternatives. The instructions for the rack may say?

    If you can fit 2, I’d use 2.

    The last set i fitted were the same. The idea is one bolt is easier to remove and refit if thats your bag. If you’re putting it on and leaving it on use 2 bolts or just use 2 bolts regardless.

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