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  • Thule bike racks – beware
  • This is a warning to anyone thinking of buying a Thule hang on bike rack.

    I have just bought a thule 9708 Hang on rack and lightboard and lightboard adapter kit 9761 and found out that the lightboard adapter kit DOES NOT fit the rack.

    All the info on their website and instructions with the parts are wrong! And because I didn’t buy it from Thule they aren’t interested in helping saying take it back to who you bought it from. Only problem is that I bought the kit from separate online shops who offered free postage. So who’s going to end up out of pocket – ME…..

    Anyone else had this problem. V fed up as Thule know about it but are not changing their website.


    You shouldn’t have to face the cost, just send the adapter kit back to whoever supplied it telling them that it doesn’t fit. They should refund you the full cost including the postage back. If not they are a rubbish mail order company!

    Thing is its not just the adapter. I don’t want any of it. The advice I got was to strap the lightboard to the last bike – not going to be easy doing that at night with muddy bikes……

    I might of as well better spent the money on roof rack or the better 4 bike rack with lightboard attached.


    I’m sure that you are within your consumer rights to take it further with Thule to recoup the cost of returning all of the parts if they claim that should all work together. I suppose this is the risk we all take when looking for the best deal be shopping around?

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    Funny, I just got off the phone to Thule about an issue with my tow bar rack. They were very helpful.

    Disappointing to hear that might not always be the case.

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    I’ve only ever had really good customer service from Thule – phoned them up on a couple of issues and they resolved them at no cost – wasn’t quite this type of issue though but did require them sending me parts for my roof rack.

    its interesting but one of the retailers I spoke to said that Thule knew about this problem for months and weren’t interested in fixing it. All they have to do is go back to the drawing board and re-make the fixing kit.

    I think the issue is that I want my money back, or even as a good will gesture they take what I have bought back and allow me to buy from them the sit-on tow bar racks. Either way they are not interested.


    It is nothing to do with Thule – its the responsibility of the companies you bought the stuff from.

    If the parts you bought (ie the lightboard kit) do not fit the purpose then you have a right to your money back assuming that the company you bought the light board from said it would fit that rack but does not.

    I very much doubt you have any right to return the rack as there is nothing wrong with it. except perhaps under the distance selling regs that give you an absolute right to a 7 day cooling off period.

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    My lips are sealed at the moment re Thule. I thought they manufactured the best until one of their products failed. Completely different story then, they washed their hands of it. It was an interesting experience and I hope it never happens to anyone else. Then you find out exactly what your car insurance company will not do … even when you have legal cover.

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