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  • wolly

    go secondhand always cheap 591’s on fleabay Clicky

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Halfords have carriers that seem difficult to tell apart from the cheaper Thule’s we have 😕


    Chris, check my profile and my Flickr account for a cheap but strong carrier, works great and very strong and secure. Ask away if interested.


    dont go for atera! We had some and they would just come loose, the mechanism would come undone. We now have thule, but we get them from the roofbox company, cheap (usually the same as used on ebay) and great service (they let us return the atera ones after a year and swap for thule).

    Some of the cheaper carriers are good, but not as easy to adjust. Also, we had to get all new carriers and bars as the old set was much heavier. We have 4 bikes on the roof and have to stay under the total weight limit of our roof (75kg).



    I got some second hand thule roof bars for my car but have been looking at the carriers and they cost a fortune, more than some of the bars and feet.

    Funds are a bit tight at the moment and hate my old bike rack so anyone got any suggestions for alternatives that will fit the thule bars?

    Cheers Chris

    Premier Icon cp

    Halfords advanced twin pack is 80 quid at the moment, with an extra 10% off with NUSMAY12.

    They are Thule free ride 532, with Halfords branding.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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