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  • three things you have never done that you would like to? bike or non-bike…
  • pitcherpro

    1: Go to Canada and learn to ride the shore

    2:Learn to manual (it would look good on the daily commute)

    3:Do a week long epic ride for charity


    1 – Megavalanche
    2 – John O'Groats to Lands End
    3 – 24hr Race Solo, or ride in one direction until I can't ride any more (be interested to know what my limits are)

    i) Megavalanche
    ii) learn to hang-glide or if I could afford it fly a plane
    iii) see the curvature of the world from the edge of space

    1. Help find life on Mars (failed once, want another go)
    2. Learn some bike handling skills rather than just blarging downhill
    3. Most important: be a better human being


    1. Race a pairs event at Bonty 24 this year and not be so, completely wiped out that the week afterwards is not lost forever. My race partner is so much fitter and better prepared than I am.
    2. Ride Dalby's Red route in less tan 2:15
    3. Find the time to do more. Then, just maybe, I could understand my pc and the software better so I didn't get so damn frustrated with it.

    The first two I am going to have a go at this summer. The third one will elude me for all eternity .


    i reckon a lot of these are well achievable. things like the lands end to john o'groats. start setting aside a holiday next year, work out timing, start training and it's well doable. 🙂


    1. Go to the alps to ride, bike and board
    2. Go to Whisler to ride, bike and board
    3. Comfortably own a Lamborghini

    I would like to do both 1 and 2 justice increased skill would be required.

    By comfortably I mean financially.


    1. the big road gap in Chatel
    2. base jump with wing suit
    3. Nobel prize (hey, we've all got to dream!)

    there are so many more… heli-boarding in the Stans, start a spin-off company, own a Ferrari, speed-riding on snow or a volcano with a DH tandem, the list goes on…


    a volcano with a DH tandem


    i like that one! surely achievable as well – get yourself to sicily!


    Be able to do a proper controlled wheelie – and all the stuff that that leads to

    unrealistic and pointless
    track stand for more than 30 seconds whilst drinking a coffee and making a roll up (saw this once and whilst i thought the guy was a tool for doing it i was jealous)

    non bike
    work for myself – just need to thin of a business

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I've only ever hada list of 3 in relation to snowboarding. For a long while it has been:

    1) Snowboard Mont Blanc
    2) Snowboard Marinelli Couloir
    3) Race in the Derby de La Meije

    Did 3 a little while ago, came pretty close to 2 in April, but got weathered off.

    Might replace 3 with Mount Belukha in the Altai.

    Van Halen

    1 Restore a classic VW crew cab properly myself for bike transport
    2 take a years sabbatical driving around north america
    3 manual properly on demand for ages.

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