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  • three things you have never done that you would like to? bike or non-bike…
  • hmmmm;

    1) ive never ridden a full on DH bike

    2) never done an enduro event

    3) i have never been to the alps

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    1. A base jump off Angel Falls(even if I did enough parachute jumps the wife would never let me)
    2. Slam dunk
    3. A windmill (breakdancing move for those not aware)

    Kylie – now that I could do


    1. The Dutch Rudder
    2. Ridden Spuds off road
    3. Revise for an exam

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider



    1) Go to the Alps
    2) Go to Canada
    3) Get 1st at a 24hr solo race

    The latter may never happen 🙄

    Well my bike ones are

    1. Own a full suss bike
    2. Do a jump and get both wheels in the air at the same time
    3. Ride in the Alps

    My personal ones, well they’re personal 🙂

    1. bought a VW beetle/van that needed nothing spending on it
    2. licked either elbow
    3. met anyone from STW

    (may revise No3)

    Premier Icon chakaping


    Hahaha, I’m not even going to try to be amusing, no chance of following that!


    1. Ridden a full-susser (true!)
    2. Gone to Antarctica
    3. is between me and a willing female accomplice


    1. Cycle from Lhasa to Kathmandhu
    2. Built up a bike myself
    3. Kylie


    Alas, Nora is no longer with us 😥

    1 – Base jump
    2 – Owned a cyclo-cross bike
    3 – Done a Lands End to JOG.


    i’ll start:

    1. I have never had a go on a “recent” singlespeed/fixedwheel.

    2. I have never had a go on a 29er.

    3. I have never been to South America.

    Premier Icon MussEd

    1. Heli-bike/Float Plane trip in Canada{this may be addressed in June!}
    2. Mega avalanche
    3. not crack a Commencal Meta


    Reclaimed my youth.
    Reclaimed the streets.
    Reclaimed my dignity.


    ride a DH bike
    ride some big doubles
    24 hour race

    the final one will be remedied come july 25th 😕

    1. learn to bloody manual!
    2. find the clicking in the rear suspension
    3. earn a shit load more money while doing far less work



    1. Backflip

    2. Ride around the world

    3. Have time to ride as much as I’d like to

    #2 I plan to do in a gap year after university.

    #1 will have to wait until I’ve done #2 and #3, because I’ll probably break my neck. Need a big ramp and a lake to practice I think.


    1)Do the end to end .lands end -John ogroats before i’m 50

    2)Drive n Cycle across RUSSIA .

    3)Go to Iceland .

    1) A threesome of the good kind

    2) Been cycling abroad

    3) Been cycling in Scotland

    1, aparenly nearly happend twice at uni but on both occasions I was too wasted, made excuses and fell asleep on the floor! Damm you alcohol!

    2&3 both depend on the knee recovering at some point for long enough to book and go on a holliday!

    Premier Icon Shandy

    Ski Mont Blanc
    Finish an Iron Man
    Retire to the Alps aged 50, with enough dough to live out my days in comfort

    Premier Icon Daffy

    1. Orbital Skydiving – Oh Yes!
    2. Been able to jump (on a bike of course)

    I’d trade all my bikes except the Mojo 🙂

    Premier Icon geoffj

    1. Big game fishing in the Indian ocean
    2. Setup and run my own business
    3. Design and build my own house

    All doable, some more doable than others.


    mmmm. there are several of the above that i have done, none of them involving the ladies in the photos, mind.

    had/still have own business. have designed (very adlib) and built myself a ‘house’ (more of a hut). done two of the three mentioned by TINASpoon (have driven round it though). have built my own bike (fixed gear) from scratch (inc. painting, wheel build and putting together) as well as putting other together. already lived by the alps (will retire there by the time i’m 45 but, thinking Slovinia – it’s cheaper than germany/austria).

    1) dirt jumps with silly steep kickers. have tried. last time was last week but i always bottle out at the last minute when i see this 2′ high wall of dirt in front of me.

    2) apologise to various people that i have/may have upset in my time but never had the courage/face to do so whether it be at the time or at a later date.

    3) spend more time with family, especially my parents but, alas i am not there to do so and ‘life’ gets in the way of living/doing what you want to in life. we speak often but i know my mum misses me not being there for her. dad is a little more ambiguous and we get on better since i left the UK. would really like to get down the pub and talk bolloks more often,not just when i visit.

    – first takes pratice, second takes guts and the third i still (luckily) have time resolve.

    1 Gain my pilots license

    2 Fly a Supermarine Spitfire

    3 Make it down the Fort Bill DH course in one piece

    First two are doable but I think no3 is impossible I am too fat too scared and dont bounce these days


    more please. and more offers to help dreams = reality!

    Keira, Beyonce, Shakira :o) One at a time, obviously.

    Hmmm – again apart from the things involving the young ladies I have done many of the "things I always wanted to do" above.

    Still to do.
    Climb a 20 000 ft mountain
    Design and build my own house
    Go to a cricket test match in either india or the west indies

    Now too late 🙁

    Play rugby for scotland.
    Race a motorcycle


    1. 6ft Drop Off
    2. Big Double
    3. Silly little gully drop down local woods that I have not had the guts to drop into – boo hooo – SOMEDAY IT WILL BE MINE!

    Done Fort Bill and Innerlethen but that 6ft drop eludes d.t. self preservation!

    1) partied enough
    2) ridden a proper big kahuna gap jump
    3) learnt to bunnyhop consistently and on demand

    Play rugby for scotland.

    Forgive me if im wrong here TJ, but did i not read on here once that you arent actually Scottish?

    Boz – correct – not scottish born but grew up here and lived more than half my life here. I would have qualified by residence 🙂 I played some club rugby in glasgow

    Not as Scottish as Murray then? 8)

    But more Scottish than Nathan Hines 🙂

    1: Never met a nice south african

    2: Managed the pull up Kyme's up to Cowpe low in one go

    2: Managed to stop constantly going from one relationship to the next


    1. Road ride to Monte Carlo
    2. Go to Whistler for a year
    3. Climb Everest


    in what order?


    air 10ft on a vert ramp


    1: Go to Canada and learn to ride the shore

    2:Learn to manual (it would look good on the daily commute)

    3:Do a week long epic ride for charity


    1 – Megavalanche
    2 – John O'Groats to Lands End
    3 – 24hr Race Solo, or ride in one direction until I can't ride any more (be interested to know what my limits are)

    i) Megavalanche
    ii) learn to hang-glide or if I could afford it fly a plane
    iii) see the curvature of the world from the edge of space

    1. Help find life on Mars (failed once, want another go)
    2. Learn some bike handling skills rather than just blarging downhill
    3. Most important: be a better human being


    1. Race a pairs event at Bonty 24 this year and not be so, completely wiped out that the week afterwards is not lost forever. My race partner is so much fitter and better prepared than I am.
    2. Ride Dalby's Red route in less tan 2:15
    3. Find the time to do more. Then, just maybe, I could understand my pc and the software better so I didn't get so damn frustrated with it.

    The first two I am going to have a go at this summer. The third one will elude me for all eternity .

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