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  • GregMay

    Go find some big ass steep hills and carry your bike up them.

    Then go find some steeper ones.

    Then realise on the day that you didn't understand what i meant by steep.

    Great race, see you there!

    Oh and on a stuff note: Start dredging up info


    Hi All, I think I might just give this a go. I've got a Jake the Snake cx bike, but what is the current thinking on tyres/gears/useful tips/ etc for this race.

    MK II

    the forms are out today and it fills up in the first few days (not quite the manic rush of some events).

    Get it entered – it will be great. worry about tyre choices etc… later


    As I was suggested by mates who've done it several times:

    – Get fit
    – Just as importantly, do plenty of running training up steep hills to prepare your muscles for all the walking/pushing
    – practice riding your CX bike down rocky mtb trails without pinch flatting

    Or just chill, get reasonably fit and try and survive 🙂

    Premier Icon stever

    Run up hills, riding your bike's the easy bit. Then do it again with some pointy metal digging into your shoulder. And go and have a look at Dave's blog above *everything's* on there 🙂


    Ok, bike fitness wise I might be ok, hill running is ok (done that since I was a teenager) but hill running with a bike over a shoulder might need work! Likewise, descending on a drop bar cx bike on rocky tracks – I'm gonna have to practise that. Might rebuild some wheels with sprint rims, I reckon some nice tubs might help.


    get some pipe insulation if you want comfort for the carry 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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