THOSE rides where nothing seems to gel??

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  • THOSE rides where nothing seems to gel??
  • maxtorque

    You know the ones, where whatever you do you seem to go backwards, be that in fitness or “skillz” 😉

    I’ve been riding two or three times a week at Woburn afterwork on my Zesty, and for the last couple of weeks things seem to have been going well! I’ve been trying new stuff, getting some confidence etc. Well tonight, wow, what a difference……

    (over the bars twice (1 handlebar hit from a tree ejected me over said bars, luckily there was a large solid pine tree in the way to, er, “Brake” my fall ………) 2nd over the bars trying to pull a stoppie, right in front of a group of people in the car park. oops!)

    And i’m back to rubbish unbalanced “manuals” cause i’m too tense in my shoulders on the way in DOH.

    It felt like i spent more time on my face than my bike 😕

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I have a name for THOSE rides, where I’m an unskilled, unfit, tight muscled, not limber in any way baffoon where I want to lob the bike in the nearest skip when I get home.

    ‘rides’ 😥


    It’s all cyclical. You can’t have constant improvement or even maintenance of a constant high level.

    Try to laugh it off.


    Oh i can laugh it off all right, but at the moment that hurts a bit due to my bruised ribs (post shower, i’ve got a cracker of a bruise now appearing slowly)……… 😉


    Sounds like every time i ride my BMX 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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