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  • Those of you who don't drink, what do you drink!?
  • Premier Icon molgrips

    As a student I used to drink coke. Then I started enjoying OJ+lemonade, but also love a pint of OJ and cranberry juice.

    Nowadays it’s coke or J2O, but it doens’t come up very often!

    Fortunately I really like coke, and have a sweet tooth so I can (or could) handle it.


    if I don’t fancy a beer then I have lime & soda. very refreshing.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    I like alcohol free Erdinger when I’m driving. Probably weird though, everyone else seems to hate alcohol free beer!

    Plus a “something and soda” is normally the cheapest drink in the pub.


    Lime and Soda Water, Orange juice and Lemonade, Coke is far too sweet of me.


    Coffee and tea … coz I need to sell them soon.


    Weened myself off a lot of red wine by subbing Cranberry juice in a wine glass whenever I fancied one – worked for me.

    Now drink juices and elderflower presse, if I drink the really odd stuff I feel a bit less ‘cheated’ when everyone else is having nice wine or beers.

    (I do occasionally have a beer or glass of wine now but a lot less than a couple of years ago)


    I go through stages. Currently drinking ginger ale when I feel the need, although caffeine free diet coke was nice for a while.

    I do drink a lot of squash and water though and tea (caffeine free of course) is something I drink pints of!


    Blue Becks: it’s a while since I’ve drunk beer so it tastes fine to me.


    Are u Having a jiraffe. Quit drinking for a few months then get leathered.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Lemonade, lime (cordial) and (angostura) bitters. Assuming you’re willing to overlook the alcohol content of the few drops of bitters.

    Less sugary: lime & soda.


    I’m something and soda usually lime, if I crack it’s also good with a vodka in it.


    Been off the drink for 4 years. Now the absolute extreme, in the last 2 years only ever drank water, tea or coffee, no other liquid has passed my lips. And yes, I’m a miserable git!

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Something with soda, maybe lime, cranberry, grapefruit or blackcurrant.
    I don’t like the J2O type drinks, they’re really just sugar with water and a tiny bit of fruit added, too sweet for me.

    Premier Icon beej

    OJ and soda
    Ginger beer
    Tomato juice + Worcester/tabasco
    Diet coke
    Becks Blue, even managed 8 in one night.

    Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Lime and Indian tonic water. Lovvverly.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    I’m gradually weening myself of the beer (down to 4 pints in a weekend from 15)as it’s only effect on me nowadays seems to be to make me a right grumpy fart the day after.

    So what do you drink on a social night out. 5 pints of coke doesn’t appeal.


    Premier Icon augustuswindsock

    I’m with monkeysfeet, slimline tonic etc,

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Orange juice and lemonade
    Lime or blackcurrant and soda
    Non alcohol ginger beer
    Tomato juice with tobasco

    I do drink alcohol occasionally but as I am often driving and always alcohol free when I do then one of the above or a coffee or tea usually does for me

    Ginger beer + lime
    Blackcurrant, lemonade and lime

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’m back on booze for a bit after 3 months off, during which I drank Erdinger blue, which is also low cal and had immune system benefits….

    Premier Icon wallop

    Sparkling mineral water if I’m staying off the booze. Drinking sugary drinks like cola just for the sake of it seems bleurgh to me somehow.


    A life without good ale is only half a life. 😥


    Tomato juice with Tabasco!


    Been off the drink for 4 years. Now the absolute extreme, in the last 2 years only ever drank water, tea or coffee, no other liquid has passed my lips. And yes, I’m a miserable git!

    Any particular reason for this? Health etc?

    Jesus tonight. Bunch of miserable sods.


    Jesus tonight.


    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I find coke and too much fruit juice give me as much of a buzz/sleepless night as alcohol does.

    If I’m having a non drinking night out it’s usually lime and soda, J2O, low alcohol beers or just lemonade

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    well first off i tend to not have anywhere near as many drinks as my beer-using pals do, cos i’m not ever that thirsty… but yeah. lime and soda. or if we’re in an establishment that happens to sell erdinger alkoholfrei, i’ll have that. or fentiman’s ginger beer/dandelion & burdock/cola. beck’s blue is okay but a little bit harsh i think. maybe the (very) occasional appletiser (or peartiser). no J2O though, it’s too sickly.


    Lime and soda, every time, for about the last 10 years, and yes I am a miserable sod, but not half as miserable as when I drink beer.


    It’s good question. There was an attempt a couple of years ago to begin a trend of ‘dry bars’ across the UK – which appears to have come to nothing.

    I like drinking, but I also like going out and staying sober. Too often I feel that I am not welcome out after 6pm unless I am buying a shedload of alcohols and engaging in a drink-it-quick culture.

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    i don’t drink, and have not done for decades – i don’t really go to pubs apart to eat. i drink orange and soda or tea. not coke because it has too much sugar in it and i can feel my teeth disolving.


    Another vote for erdinger or any German alcohol free weizen beer.
    really quite excellent (if you can find it) and whilst its some years since I drank beer I think it tastes practically the same & this is confirmed by friends who have compared back to back.

    Not usually available in the pub though 🙁
    I can’t drink sweet stuff all night long hence I try to find something a bit bitter (original lemonade or ginger beer for example)


    Jamie, initially just for getting weight off, and then no real reason. I guess I’d just broke the habit of drinking beer or anything fizzy/sweet. Feel good for it, although my family think I’m strange.

    Can`t offer any advice myself but mate used to bring a tray of Kaliber to every party and then proceed to go can for can with you, never saw the point in that !!
    Funniest thing a couple of years back mate sat in pub on Becks Blue lad comes in , “what you on” “Becks Blue” “Ill take two of them please" another lad comes in " you want a beer " " aye 2 of these" "make it 3 of them please" they must have gone through the round about 5 times before someone else said how come youre not drinking!!!


    I drink different things, but never coke. Fruit juices, cordials. The basic is water though. I chill out more and drink slower and can have a good night without drinking.

    But will also have a beer if I feel like it and if I’m not driving. It just all takes a bit of mental adjustment which comes with time.


    For the past 3 – 4 weeks I’ve really got into Alcohol free beer.

    Okay, I’m in Switzerland, so not sure what you get in the UK, but the stuff I’ve found isn’t bad at all.

    I think I’d struggle given the choice between a good British pint of chop juice, but compared to the Lagers here it’s blooming good.

    I drink water all day at work, don’t mind a cup of tea, but nowt beats a nice cold beer, plus you have the bonus of not having to worry about driving the car, hangovers or feeling groggy the next day, having to get up a couple of times for a slash (drink 3 pints, pee 6 and all that), it’s cheaper and less fattening…..and for a man approaching middle age, these are important factors.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Wheat beer seems to survive the de-alcoholification process with more of its flavour and character intact than lager does – any 0% lager I’ve tried has a similar bitter, bilious aftertaste.

    The alcohol free Erdinger is decent but I object to paying the price of a bottle of full-fat beer for a bottle of no-fat beer.

    Bavaria 0% Wit is OK too – very like Hoegaarden, taste-wise.

    Just stumbled upon The Alcohol Free Shop when googling for an image of the Bavaria. Could be quite useful as most supermarkets seem to have a very poor range.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Pint of mild?


    Britvic 55 in a pint glass topped up with coke


    Ginger with a bit of lime.

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