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  • Those odd cravings – New bike wants – Surly 1×1
  • Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Apart from dabbling in the retro “scene” I almost exclusively ride 29ers.

    They make sense to me but this isn’t a wheel size thread 😆

    For a long time I have wanted one of these:

    A simple 26” Surly 1×1 – With Dirt Wizards

    I have no need for it but it really appeals.

    Any others suffer from these odd cravings?

    Fat lite:

    Might have one built before my Puffin too 😉


    Some serious cravings here for a fat bike….no real purpose for it as I don’t A) ride in the snow (and don’t intend to) or B) live beside a beach. But I still can’t get that Mukluk or Cooker Maxi out of my head….think it will end up happening sooner or later!

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    That 1×1 looks nice.

    I wonder if the WTB 27+ size will take off (semi-fat in a normal 29er frame…).


    them Kenda tyres are stretched


    I had one of those a few years back. It rode really nicely especially around Thetford and the environs. The problem came when I decided 34:15 was a good ratio. I hated it, persevered and then sold it. I could easily have changed the gearing but life had moved on by then and after many years of riding a SS I decided I needed to give gears a try again.

    I kind of miss it….and then again I don’t.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Jamiedyer has a nice 1×1 with Dirt Wizards.

    Mine is somewhat scruffier (but it is a 1998 model 🙂 )

    The extra volume of the Dirt Wizards makes for a really nice ride for a rigid bike, and the grip is confidence inspiring. It’s good enough for me to be using it as my default summer bike while a couple of nice 29ers sit unused.

    Premier Icon jonathan

    2.4 EXO Ardents give a suprising amount of “fat”:
    [url=]After 7 years my @surlybikes 1×1 is still my favourite ride… it rocks[/url] by Jonathan Bateman, on Flickr

    Had that one nearly 10 years, had another for a few years before that. Still pretty much my favourite bike 🙂

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Mine currently is a Fireline 29… I sooooo badly want one of them

    Almost as much as I want a Yelli Screamy.

    However, more than both, I want my house sold and one with a garage purchased.

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