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  • Those invasive adverts that cripple Ipads
  • Is there an easy way to get them to **** off?

    I don’t need a new watch, neither do I need a new bank account.

    Every time I log on to STW and my screen locks up with these invasive adds it makes me more determined to turn my back on this site for good.

    Anybody else find them annoying?


    Yeah it takes the piss, I realise they need to make revenue but there is a line that I believe this level of bombardment is way past. I’m not currently interested in reading the magazine so having to pay just to not get hit with a spamhammer is not reasonable.

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    No, not really.

    I subscribe, so they arn’t there normally anyway . If I’m not logged in for some reason, they’re there, but never caused my iPad to stop working right.


    Not really crippling the IPad, just locking out Safari. Pain in the arse.

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    Marin_Maketh_The_Man – Member
    Is there an easy way to get them to **** off?

    Click your username top right, click permiere account, turn off ads.

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    I already have a premier account and my ipad crashes before I can log in. Is that reasonable?

    Premier Icon Raymond

    I agree, massively annoying, especially if you’ve zoomed the page in before they come up then you can’t get to the “x” to close them down!


    I found if you rotate ipad 90 degrees when ad appears it usually resizes so you can tap the “x” to close


    They pop up on my ipad but i just tap on the cross and its gone. Not sure why they lock the screen on some peoples ipads?


    It is effing annoying, I don’t mind “normal” ads and I understand why they are there. In fact fairly regularly I click a couple to earn them a few pennies, generous guy that I am. I get a little bit hacked of with the suggestion that I need to pay to stop a website annoying the crap out of me. I’d rather pay because I felt the subs were worth the value delivered. There are plenty of other bike forums, if I had just stumbled across stw and not a regular user I wouldn’t bother with it now.

    I am starting to use this less, I know, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, however if you keep this up you will loose regulars as well as potential new users

    Take a look at strava, how invasive is their premium option? What sort of functionality do you get? And how much does it cost?

    Sorry if you feel the need to ban if you don’t like this comment, but it is becoming a bit of a joke.

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    If everyone subscribed there woukd be no need for ads. Hell, it might then be even less than the whopping £1.49 per month it now is.

    I’m guessing these larger ads generate more revenue for STW towers than the little sidebar or header ones too and the companies that pay for placement must be getting some sort of hit rate or they’d pull them.

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    I understand the need for ads.
    But do the clients actually see the ads?

    ‘Mr Bank PR person, look at this fantastic ad we’ve designed for you. See how it totally takes over the tablet of your target potential customer. Isn’t that going to make him run out and open one of your bank accounts?’

    Er, no. not ever.
    Or buy a watch.


    If the complaining threads keep,up with the adds, we will hopefully reach a compromise!

    Rich, made the same point on thread -3 it’s crass marketing for a private bank but then again who would go to lloyds for private banking services!!!

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    I wonder if STW could offer a Premier+ subscription that would automatically block all the threads and posts by folk whinging about ads.


    I find it odd how so many other, bigger, sites manage to get by (look at the likes of skyscrapercity) without the invasive (or even prolific) ads yet it seems expected that every member needs to pay £18 a year to offset them here. Perhaps a review of your server providers is in order because if the costs are that high someone is getting bent over somewhere.

    Honestly, if you were providing something better than you were it might in some way justify it but to be quite honest the forum structure is a joke and I find it remarkable that subscribers are prepared to put up with something that appears to have designed back in the days of BBS.


    The Tudor and Lloyds stuff is taking the piss, subs or no subs. They are crass on all counts

    Premier Icon Cougar

    (And many, many more)

    As a premier user, you can switch off the adverts as detailed above.

    For non-subscribers adverts are unfortunately necessary as they pay for the site. No adverts = no site. However, they shouldn’t be intrusive or cause problems; if they are, that’s unintentional and you need to report them to tech@stw who can investigate (though probably not on a Sunday).

    to be quite honest the forum structure is a joke and I find it remarkable that subscribers are prepared to put up with something that appears to have designed back in the days of BBS.

    And yet, it’s kept your interest for several years. Must be doing something right, hey?

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