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  • Those cheap bike stands on eBay…..any good?
  • Premier Icon epo-aholic
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    has anyone had any experience? dare say it’s worth a punt at £30?

    Thanks in advance


    Premier Icon oldschool
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    Looks very very similar to the Aldi/Lidl stands. I’ve got a Lidl stand and it works fine, so for £30 it’s definitely worth a punt.

    Premier Icon wysiwyg
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    /\ this

    Premier Icon epo-aholic
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    cheers guys…..bought! 🙂

    Premier Icon cloudnine
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    Just be careful not to over tighten the clamps or you’ll crack the plastic collars.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus
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    It’s the same as the Lidl one. I have a small, part time bike repair business and this is the one I use. It’s fine, and has had more work than most home mechanics will give it.

    Premier Icon backinireland
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    I have the version that mounts to a workbench and it has been fine.
    Broke first one by overtightening but it was replaced for free.
    Bit shaky with heavier mtb in it but fine with road bike and my 22lb hardtail

    Premier Icon fd3chris
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    I’ve got the older model with non quick release clamps. I must of built 30+ bikes on it and for home use its absolutely fine .

    Premier Icon jamesfuller
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    I got my one like that from Lidle a couple of years ago, haven’t used it a huge amount but its still ok and very handy.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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