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  • Thomson or i850 seatpost?
  • Premier Icon Teetosugars

    I've just sent back another i850, and plan on getting a Thomson instead.

    Had a few issues to be honest, and will not be getting another.


    Looking at a new seatpost for the Pitch. Like the idea of an uppy/downy seatpost ideally a GD one but not prepared to spend the £200 required.

    Do I go for the SSC supplied cheapo one or use a Thomson one and start stop when required? Currently find that when I stop to drop it I then ride around with it dropped.

    from personal experience,avoid the octopron.


    2 out of 2 not great odds! Start/Stop it is then.

    Ive got both – in 27.2

    My i850 is great! Ok it's not perfect but I guessed it was worth a £54 punt from Leisure Lakes cause I could rarely be bothered stopping and dropping the post. Now I do it on the fly. Some folks say you can never go back to a normal post – but tbh that's not me. Note – the first thing I did was fit a tube as a gaiter.

    On the other hand the Thomson Elite isnt perfect either! For some reason it seems a little smaller than previous 27.2 posts and slips down occasionally. I'll not get another.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    its nice to stop for a chat and gather your breath before launching into the next downhill.

    depends on your priorities and the type of terrain you ride. most of mine is long climbs and long DH's rather that constantly up/down..


    Uppy Downey posts are great I loved my i900. But they are not all they are cracked up to be and they are very expensive. I paid £250 for my recons a couple of years ago and I bet a £200 seatpost wouldn't get through as many miles as they have with zero maintenance.

    I normally find I have my seatpost at one of 3 levels slammed for actual DH tracks middle for normal riding (high enough to go up but low enough to be out of the way) sky high for when I need to get somewhere fast in an xc manner or when going up a really big hill.

    Obviously with a dropper post you can ALMOST have the best of most worlds but its only an almost and it comes at a cost (£ and time).

    Think about what you want to pay for quality and reassurance or convenience and a pain in the ass (possibly literally) WHEN it brakes.

    FWIW I sold my i900 with my old bike and ride happily without one. I will probably get another when the price comes down and they become more reliable.

    SV – what is your email?

    Premier Icon GrahamA

    At the moment adjustable posts are still in the domain of the early adopter as they are expensive and with the exception of the Gravity Dropper all seem to have some reliability problems.

    If you don't want to spend £200 go for the Tomson and review the situation in a couple of years time by which time prices and reliability may have changed with mass market adoption. I went from a Tomson to an adjustable and I don't think I'd want to go back.

    Also 18 Bikes have Joplins on offer (£160 inc remote)


    hjt sorted it out(thanks), up… down… up… down.

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