Thomson Elite Seatpost – Can I cut it?

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  • Thomson Elite Seatpost – Can I cut it?
  • I bought the long one second hand after a cheapy failed on me, but it’s about 3″ too long and won’t go far enough in to the frame (on one inbred) :-/

    Obviously I need to leave enough inside the frame to keep it safe, but If I make sure the length of the post in the frame is greater than the MAX amount marked on the post that should be fine I guess?

    I also understand the issues with trying to cut a tube without distorting it, but that’s a challenge I am prepared to take…..


    No issues, just use a nice new fine hacksaw blade and a file to finish it off

    Can I cut it?

    Yes you can!

    b r

    I’ve always found the a pipe cutter does a decent job, and comes with a deburrer.


    just feed it into the hole in the top of your blender until it’s about the right length 😀

    on a more serious note, the main issue is clamping it if using a hacksaw – ie be very careful and I would rest it on the just open jaws of a black and decker workmate rather than clamping it. Or use a pipe cutter, adjusting a tiny amount each time.

    Also remember you min insertion mark is now X higher with X being the amount you chopped off.

    Pipecutter! Why didn’t I think of that? Heads to garage….

    Pipe cutter will deform the tube, finish the outside edge with a file.


    can I cut it?
    Yes you can!

    That was my first thought too 🙂


    I just hacked through mine with a jigsaw whilst holding it. Looked a right mess but you never see the bottom bit anyway.

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