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  • This year’s WiFi extender question.
  • Premier Icon zippykona

    What did you replace your  rubbish one with ?

    Needs to beam some intraweb 30 feet up the garden.


    Tenda MW5/MW5S Mesh 4 nodes… no problems since installing it. So much better than patchy extenders that needed to be turned on and off frequently.

    Took a while for me to figure out how to configure the VM Superhub to work properly with it, but it’s awesome now, kinda wish I’d bought a higher spec set up now… but I was skeptical of if it would work…

    I ran a cat5e cable from the house across the garden at high level to the garage and then reconfigured a old router as an access point. I didn’t have any armoured data cable and it’s quite pricey. I couldn’t find anything using wifi that would give me a reliable/strong enough signal in the garage. It seems that as soon as I’m outside the house the signal drops dramatically due to the solid walls.
    I read somewhere “Wired where you can, wifi where you must”.


    I have powerline adapters, or ethernet to stuff I deem important (my PC, steamlink etc.) WiFi for phone browsing and googleing.

    This very day I have taken delivery of 6 Tenda MW3 mesh boxes and set them up just now.

    Seems vastly improved thus far.

    Testing continues

    Don’t use simple WiFi extendors. They are a similar price to powerline and shit in comparison.

    Powerline requires mains at both ends but works great.


    Unifi ac pros here. Very happy with them.

    What’s your budget?

    I can recommend https://www.solwise.co.uk/

    They’re very helpful – drop them an email with your requirements and I’m sure they can recommend something.

    Premier Icon burgatedicky

    We have a Netgear Orbi. Got the tri-band kit with a router and two satellites.
    Was a bit spendy to buy, but to give it credit is has been FAULTLESS in the past 6 months.
    Have the router one by the tv in the living room, fed that into a switch which then feeds Sonos, the TV, Xbox, Apple TV and some smart bulb gadget.
    First satellite is in the office upstairs, connected via WiFi, this has the PC plugged into it which stills gets 350+mb/sec even though its not physically wired to the router.
    Third one is in the kitchen but reaches to the garage (approx 10m away), but am considering moving the turbo and this satellite outside to free up living room space.


    +1 for Unifi. They have some APs designed for outdoor use, if you want wifi in the garden.
    Though not exactly cheap, and maybe more complicated to set up.

    Premier Icon tyke

    Had an Orbi for 18 months and it packed up this past week, while it was working it was great. So after going though a load of reviews and rather than fork out another £300 went with a TP Link Deco M9 plus and it seems to be as good and about £100 cheaper.

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