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  • This whole STW fantasy football thing
  • simonralli2
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    How are people getting on? I have had my wife follow my progress these last few months and although she kept saying I should have had Van Persie all season she also has a knack of saying how I should have bought so-and-so whoever scores a hat trick that week. I tried explaining that you have a set budget and can’t have a team full of crack players as they call them in Brazil, and told her that next season she too will be playing in order that she stops hassling me every week as I am not doing so well.

    I myself have made lots of mistakes and its annoying when you pick the wrong captain, or one of your subs does well. Also it’s annoying when one of your players is meant to be injured with 25% chance of playing and then scores a ton load and you had them as a sub.

    Oh well – still good fun though!

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    I was ticking along nicely with Demba Ba as my captain, until Chelsea snapped him up to warm their bench.


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    I think I buy and sell too much maybe. Someone doesn’t do well and I sell, someone does well and I buy and then the next few games they do nothing.

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    I started off doing spawningly good, even led for a few weeks too thanks to Tevez and Torres up front.

    Reality has returned over these last few weeks/months, dropping further down each gameweek. But now played my wildcard to bring in RVP so that may at least slow the descent.

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    The last couple of years I did really well. This year I can’t get off the bottom and I am trying as hard as ever. But as you say, still good fun though

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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