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  • PJ266

    It is on ITV4 now 😀 Pity about all the adverts though.

    What don't they have any new adverts yet on ITV4!?? Shame I'm stuck at work think I really need a TV in the office for these big sporting events!


    No, what happens is that I avoid this forum until I see the highlights in the evening. What a bunch of whingers

    just imagine for a moment if any thread containing the result had the word 'SPOILER' in it's title, it's only a few letters that take about 2 seconds to type, even for me i found it an easy word to spell.
    is it really that difficult to do?
    by doing so you wouldn't have to avoid the forum only those threads that obviously contain the result.


    do some work instead of reading this forum


    Premier Icon Dougal

    Nothing to see…


    There's certainly been incidents of folks getting excited & putting results in the title without actually intending to or realising the implications
    Unless they look back at the site within the 15min window – they're a bit stuck then

    As you can't legislate for such mistakes and if you really are precious about not knowing anything about it – it would be safer to not visit likely websites

    Premier Icon aracer

    …or you could just keep reminding people not to do it and they might take the hint.

    Oh, and Dougal reported – DELIBERATE spoiling should be a banning offence IMHO.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Hmmm, there are some cocks on here!

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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