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  • This weeks poll: hardtail vs full sus
  • Premier Icon cookeaa

    The only FS I own these days is for DH use, I have 3 other MTBs all HTs.

    I’ve owned a medium travel “Trail” FS in the past but always prefered the HT and having more than one full bouncer just becomes a maintenance PITA.

    I’d rather have the DH bike for DH days and the remaining 90% of my riding happens on a HT.

    Having said that I do know one fella who only owns an FS bike (Specialized epic) and he uses that for all the same stuff I do on my HT… Makes no odds really.


    Always had a HT until this week I have just built up my first FS bike but saying that I will be ordering an 456 EVO built bike from on one tomorrow.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    50/50 here, when out riding I do seem to see a lot more FS than HT so a bit of a surprise on the poll, not that STW is a UK wide demographic.

    A 120mm SLX hardtail is usually fine for Cannock

    and what fun we can have with snobbery/inverse snobbery, I can smoothly ride it on my kashima coated 6″ travel XTR big bouncer or rip around on a rigid vbraked SS. All the while looking down my nose at anyone who can’t afford a ride as good as mine or hasn’t got teh skillz to ride as rad*sik as me without skill compensation.

    lets not take anyone’s choice of bike too seriously eh? 🙂


    Well put Donk! Ride what you want…who cares what other people think.

    Depends on my mood.

    Most days I’ll be on the rigid singlespeed as it’s just what I like. If I wanted to go fast I’d go on the FS though. Riding group is probably split 33/33/33 rigid/hardtail/FS. Although I’d say the trend seems to be to go; cheep Hardtail -> FS -> rigid or hardtail as riders get faster/more experienced. Gues that’s partialy leveling the field on group rides and partialy not wanting to bother with so much maintenance as they’re inevitably the ones riding more. The slow/sociable group is almost exclusively FS bikes!

    Premier Icon D0NK

    (not that I thought rocketman’s post was particularly derisory, his tongue may well have been in his cheek when he posted that, but I’ve seen plenty of other worse comments before that seemed sincere)

    The slow/sociable group is almost exclusively FS bikes!

    now you mentioned it that does ring true. Interesting how the eager/competetive ones will normally have a mix of FS/HT/rigid but the sociable-ists nearly always seem to go for FS. not sure whether it tells us anything but interesting all the same


    1 x Rigid
    1 x Hardtail
    1 x CX

    I’ve had a FS in the past but riding around on the South Downs at the speeds I’m happy to go downhill at doesn’t warrant me buying another. This of course doesn’t mean I won’t one day get another. If money were no object I’d get one tomorrow.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Hardtail only here, only got my first hardtail on 2007, so by that rate I reckon it’ll be about 2032 before i make the jump to full suss!


    Hard tail, but only because I snapped my FS frame and can’t afford a similar quality replacement (don’t you just love having a big mortgage!!). so swapped all the bits onto a HT. Very happy with it tbh, but as soon as funds (the Mrs) allow i’ll be back in the FS brigade.

    Premier Icon johnhe

    Most riders I know who are intermediate level and better ride full sussers. I’m normally one of the only ones on a hardtail.


    Single Speed
    Massive pedals

    Change the ****’ tyre pressure if you cant handle the gnarly routes.


    I have a 140mm HT, rigid SS comuter and saving for a 650B FS


    Usually hardtails are in the minority around here (South Yorkshire), God knows why, it’s flat as owt. I solely ride hardtail, and will do until my body gives up. Like others have said, I know what’s going on with a ht, it makes everything a challenge, trying to ride as smooth as possible. A lot of the guys ride full sus because afraid to get rid of their 6 inch insurance policy, or at least it seems that way. Probably 20/80 split ht/fs.

    I have to admit, I do like being the only hardtail rider, particularly when it’s the rest of them trying to chase me down the trail (call me pro, I don’t care 8) )

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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