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  • This weather? Axis of Evil or what?
  • Premier Icon soulwood

    Okay, Rain I can cope with.
    Cold I usually prefer to being hot.
    Wind, well not my fave, but if I have to…
    But all three together?
    I’ve been getting in after walking the kids to school and thinking “theres no way I’m going out in that on my bike”
    Driving to the shops in the car and it is rocking with the wind.
    I would prefer a foot of snow to this weather. When will it end? Anyone know?


    When will it end?

    next autumn


    I was out riding today and it was all a case of trying to time it right. Got back literally within a few minutes of it bucketing down!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Can I be the first to say MTFU!

    If it’s windy, that’s what woods are for.

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    Went out in it last night when it was worse then than it is now (where I am); it’s fine if you’ve got the right kit and choose a route that isn’t too exposed/stupid. I rather like it because there’s pretty much zero chance of bumping into grumpy dog-walkers or nasty scallies. Not going out in it tonight because my new forks finally turned up so I can build up my new Cotic. 😀

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Proper MTB weather. Try going out on a road bike in this, now that is grim.


    ended up doing my commute yesterdy on the mtb for safety reasons, was still a few inches on the roads higher up and tbh was only about 10 mins slower than on my road bike, Felt alot safer having the extra cushioning of bigger tyres ( was gonna say grippier but its a racing ralph. ritchey shield combo). Biggest regret was no rear mudguard and my arse was freezing.


    Agreed on the road bike comment; total waste of time trying to go anywhere at pace today. Probably be the same tomorrow, no doubt…


    I suspect if you go out on a road bike in central Scotland tomorrow, it’ll be a major achievement to stay upright given the weather forecast.


    Thank fully no rain in east London Just the constant dam cold and cold wind.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    All of the schools are being closed at lunchtime tomorrow, because of the wind 🙄


    Lush day in Bristol… no doubt back to normal tomorrow.


    Glad its not just me who’s struggling to MTFU. Have put up with it for two weeks, most rides this time of the year (especially with the lead up to christmas) mean I only get to ride at night so dark, wet, windy and cold makes it very hard to see the appeal after 2 weeks of putting up with it!

    I’ve “conveniently” got a cold at the moment so am using that as my excuse not to ride…

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Isn’t that what trikes are for?

    Glad its not just me who’s struggling to MTFU


    I’m fortunate I can get a daylight ride in on a weekend but given the choice between a freezing, muddy, windy wet ride in the dark or the Sufferfest I’m on the turbo every time this year.

    I was significantly more manly last year but I’m actually REALLY enjoying the Sufferfest downloads more than real riding at moment.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    franksinatra – Member

    All of the schools are being closed at lunchtime tomorrow, because of the wind

    We are due 90-120mph winds in the village tomorrow – seems sensible not to have all the village kids being blown away in buses, or while walking around. Bear in mind all the secondary kids travel by bus, over mountain passes here as well.
    I have been helping neighbours move plant pots, ties down sheds etc this evening….

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I’ve driven to work 3 days running 🙁

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