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  • Harry_the_Spider
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    Anyone watching?

    I’m 2 episodes in.

    Like a slow motion World War Z.

    The Cummings character comes across as a right shit despite looking like Chipps.

    Carrie and Hancock seem to be quite sympathetically written.

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    Bit like that Margaret Thatcher bio film… not something I’d watch for entertainment. Saw far too much of the **** on the news already.

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    Feels like the handling of the pandemic in 2020 is still a live issue, and something like this creates an ‘authorised version’ when I’m sure there is a lot more information that needs to come out.

    And as above, bit soon for me.

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    On episode 3 now.

    It is a bit raw.

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    Is it only about England or is it doing the usual conflating of England and the UK?

    Cummings behaviour had effects well beyond England

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    Going to give it a miss as I don’t want Alexander Johnson painting in any way shape or form any less than the **** he is. The statement above about the portraying of little Matty and Carrie-Antoinette reinforces that.

    Also I think it’s too soon. COVID is still with us and there is still stuff that Johnson did that is to come out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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