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  • Thinking of selling my van – Advice please
  • whatnobeer

    Looking for some advice on what makes the most sense here.

    I’m moving to Canada at the end of October and will be selling what ever vehicle I have before I go.

    I’m currently driving a 2004 Astravan which great for getting bikes etc in the back of and I use it commute to work. It’s just ticked over 100000 miles so needs a service (which should include a timing belt change) and new tyres.

    I guess I have 3 or 4 options and not sure which one to take.

    Option a) Get the van serviced, new tyres etc and keep it until October then sell privately. I reckon between tyres and the full service it will cost about £500.

    Option b) Get the van serviced etc, sell now and buy a used car to use between now and leaving.

    Option c) Get some sort of service but not the full works and either keep or sell. Obviously not having the service will knock that amount off the value.

    Option d) Trade in against a car worth about (depending on trade in value) £2000 and let the garage sort the work that needs done.

    Book value ranges between £1100 and £2300 depending on condition, tax etc for private sales and about £1900 for trade in. Any idea if these prices seem likely? Autotrader seems to say they’re about right.

    What option would you go for?


    Get the tyres, forget the service, drive it to death then flog if for whatever you can get when leaving. Buying another vehicle could prove to be a lemon. With those miles on it in current climate I would not be paying recommended trade price.
    Expect more sensible answers soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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