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  • monkeyboyjc

    go for it!

    i do 7 miles each way about 3-4 days a week on a 8speed alfine equiped bike (although there are showers at work).

    It does take a bit of comitment over the winter months though. There are times in the winter when i wake up and its -2 outside and pissing it down that i think ‘sod it i’ll go by car’, but i always regret it when i’m stuck in traffic and my usual 35mins on the bike turns into 1hr 15mins in the car and my dinner gets cold.

    12 miles each way with no shower but then again I don’t work in an office with other folks. I find when I get to work I am as fresh as a daisy and ready for the day.

    Edric 64

    Its 4 nmiles not round the world ffs ride anything or walk it .Its only just over an hour to walk .Why come on here and ask advice for a 4 mile commute school kids go that on bmx bikes

    Premier Icon bobsoff2

    Edric’s in a bad mood ain’t he…!!!!

    Premier Icon ricardo666

    I ride to work everyday,

    bought a handsome dog xc03 frame, wheels gears and brakes from my old gary fisher, other bits from the forum on here, have a blackburn flea 4 for the rear light and a hope vision 1 up front

    decent waterproof jacket in a blacks sale and pants from crc.

    Saved me shed loads of frustration of waiting for the bus let alone the 2 quid each way.

    So just do it, and it keeps the beer off your belly


    Just do it. For me discs are a must. Minimal maintenance and superb stopping power. I wouldn’t want to go back to rim brakes. I like being able to outbrake cars

    Edric 64

    Sorry rant over im sober now.


    Yep, 4 miles each way. Take your time on the way in and you won;t need a shower. Maybe take some wet wipes or a flannel to wipe yourself down with in a toilet cubicle.

    To those who won’t commute because of no showers, you just have to work at it a little. I commuted 17 miles each way for 4 years, 2 or 3 times a week to a place with no showers.
    I’d always have a shower before I left home.
    When I got to work I’d strip down in the disabled toilet and then wipe myself down with a wet cloth, towel and liberal deodorant application.
    Usually had to put a fan on my desk on for a bit to cool down in summer.

    It really made me appreciate where I work now with full facilities. Couldn;t be happier with where I work now for commuting.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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