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  • arrpee

    Multiple complex Halloween outfits at about 24 hours notice, following 4 weeks of humming and hawing on my part.

    These included:
    A Tyrannosaurus Rex outfit
    A full robot suit with shoulder mounted guns (non-working)
    A Freddy Cruger outfit, complete with stabby razor glove

    Cheers, Dad.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    My Dad built most of the studio set for Rising Damp.


    My dad made me a Meccano crane. It was 40 years ago and the last Christmas we spent together. And of course my dad made me (and made me ginger) – and I look just as he would have had he lived to be my age.

    My grandad, however, made lots and lots of stuff; kids seats for bikes, a babyseat that clipped over dining chairs, half of the house furniture, a beautiful dolls house, you name it… I have his tool rack in my shed.

    ..about 60,000 pints of beer disappear
    ….me , my brother and sister very unhappy most of the time
    …our crap Fiat Strada catch fire by inserting the battery backwards
    …every single family ‘event’ a nightmare
    …my mum a lonely widow


    Among some of his working life achievements – the various moulds for the Black and Decker Paintmate (piece of crap) and various moulds for Max Factor.

    Both customers were a royal pain in the arse, apparently…


    ..frequently came home seriously (10 pint) drunk
    ..never spoke to us kids, unless it was to belittle us
    ..treated my mother like a servant

    A different world in the 60/70s!


    A vareity of concrete window lintels for the house (and he fitted them himself on his own using a variety of ladders and dodgy scaffolding)
    A yellow go cart with pram wheels and axles; it was very fast.
    A bike rack out of box section that affixed/ slotted onto a towbar.
    A 2 storey tree house
    A device for holding sheep still whilst you clipped their feet/ got them ready for shows etc (don’t ask) 😯

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Aren’t dads great.
    Still got a pair of speakers he hand made.
    What went on to become rogers ls3/5s which now gave this crazy cult following, and make mind worth a fortune ..

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    My dad made us a sledge out of scrap wood in the garage. It was that heavy we could only just drag it to the top of the hill a few times.


    my Dad made people dance..


    My Dad hand rolled body panels for Jowett Cars–A-Story-Of-Bradford-Car-Manufacturing

    When the factory closed he set up a car Bodyshop which was one of the first in the country to repair rather than replace damaged panels.


    Bloody hell, bit dusty in here. The thought of all that love(or not)going into stuff.

    My Dad made my Mum happy, which made me happy cos when she was happy she made the best pies EVER!
    Both Dad & Mum were Awesome & I wish they were still around. 😥

    jonah tonto

    my ol’ man is bonkers. but in a good way.

    my dad is one of those people who you wander up to as a kid and ask him about making a kart for kite buggying in and he teaches you to weld. so you can do it.
    bearings for the wheels? he’ll show you how to cut and balance the casters off a shopping trolley. which works so well your outpacing guys on shop bought ones.

    he also showed me how to make an amazing ‘chopper’ bike out of a bmx and several other bikes that was really good as a steady cam for filming skating, and could happily carry two girls as passengers 🙂

    he built homes for people and our family, often from scratch.
    but its his backyard ‘engineering’ and urban foraging for materials that amazes me.

    he taught me that if your willing to rummage through stuff that other people regard as waste and be willing to learn a skill you can make anything. up to and including passive houses. often for free.

    long after he is gone ill always remember my dad knee deep in someones skip grinning cos he has just found something cool

    long after he is gone ill always remember my dad knee deep in someones skip grinning cos he has just found something cool

    Sounds like my ex GF.


    The 3 metal handtools (depth gauge, drill bit gauge and thing I can’t remember the name of) for my GCSE Design & Realisation project. We got a grade C for that! And I should hope so, he was a precision engineer.

    Also, just basic maintenance around the house and on the car. I can still remember him saying the words ‘You have to know how to do these things, I won’t be here forever’. I think I have something in my eye 🙁

    And I’m trying not to keep stuff – old parts/offcuts of wood etc just in-case they come in handy.


    My dad made a bloody good example of how to live a good life without money.
    A very good fighter pilot.
    An all round sportsman.
    My bedroom furniture from old doors.
    Me a wooden garage and farm from scraps of wood.
    Me study hard so I could have a better standard of living than him.
    The best grandpa in the world.
    Me immensely proud of him.
    Still love you Biggles even at 90,


    Lots of fishing stuff. Floats, flys, contraptions that let out bait when it hit the river bed, catapults, tarps (years ahead of his time) all sorts even my first rod. He was an Electrician by trade and busy, so I guess that explains the hobby stuff. Sadly he passed away when I was 15.


    Nice to see the mirror above. My dad found one that had been thrown on a tip and spent about a year rebuilding it.

    This is the only thing I have a photo of.

    Premier Icon irc

    My dad designed roads and tunnels for a living. He built teak furniture and other things for a hobby.

    For us kids he put up a legendary 60ft rope swing in a natural bowl in the forest near our house. Apart from the size of the swing and it’s superb location the great thing was the tree it hung from was too hard for anyone else to climb and vandalise it(he climbed up to E2 standard in the 50s and 60s). After attaching the rope he descended using a classic abseil.


    My dad made me. My wife wishes he was here with us and she could have met him, so could question where my bad habits came from. 🙄
    He would have made a great granddad. But sadly never was to be. 20 years this year and still miss him like mad. 🙁


    The fastest sledge in the history of man in the right conditions. Made out of steel tube and timber. If it ever escaped from your grasp it usually ended in tears/maiming for the poor **** further down slope that got in its way.

    bloody hell my dad made me one of those, and cos he had access to a welder but not a pipe bender it went to sharp angles at the front. lethal, to the other kid.


    My dad built a house…it was a house builder scheme in Aberdeen in the 70’s.

    Premier Icon stimpy

    My Dad made a horrendous drunk, everyone around him thoroughly miserable and (on various occasions) my sister, my mum and me terrified. That’s about the sum total of what my Dad made.

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