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  • Things you simply cannot bring yourself to pay for.
  • cynic-al

    If you apply that logic to buying all food out, you’d never buy any.


    a haircut. £10 bloody quid to get my hair shaved off p*ss off 😡 even worse as there’s nothing but hairdressers/barbers in devizes it seems 🙁


    Singletrack magazine, now priced itself out of my budget, along with all the other poorer quality bike mags out there.


    Agree with Al.

    This thread is the only soggy pile of mush round here 😈


    …Oh, and coffee.

    WTF is that all about; buying coffee from special coffee shops?

    I can manage to walk around the centre of a town or city without buying coffee, yet I seem to be in some sort of minority.


    Coffee from places like railway stations. I could pay £3.69 for a whole bag of Lavazza beans,and have a caffeine buzz for a fortnight.

    Or one of your awful railway rip off coffees. Push the boat out and have a muffin with it, and wait – I only have a fiver on me!

    Why do you think you can wallet rape me for £1.20 for a mars bar, when I can exit the platform and get the same for 75p outside, or 65p further down the road. What is it about the station platform that makes it such “value”.

    Oh, and I feel the same about motorway service stations. I pay a premium to go to the Fat Duck at Bray. I dont pay a premium for Burger King on the M25! I can drive past a Burger King on the M25. And I do. If you weren’t ripping me of, I might have stopped.


    …Oh yes, and water in special bottles.

    GTF please.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    flowers, i used to sell them, so know what the mark up is, mothers day? valentines day? don’t make me laff!

    pizza – glorified cheese on toast

    Tap water in a pub/cafe


    Toilet paper, it’s getting so expensive you may as well wipe your arse with £5 notes


    Eating out.
    TV license 😉
    (Hard to believe I’m still single eh?)

    Building materials (specially timber) and fixings. It seriously pisses me off if I’m forced to.


    buzz-lightyear – Member
    Tap water in a pub/cafe

    That’s free everywhere i’ve been.

    Appart from that – a work mate paid a full 3 pounds and ten whole pennies for a baked tatty with beans earlier this week and seemed flabbergasted when I was flabbergasted at how much he’d paid for it! 😯

    I know a man’s gotta make a living but Jeez!

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Thought you couldn’t charge for tap water due to some old law about not refusing a traveller a drink.

    Road side parking. Hate paying for that.

    Premier Icon kilo

    Marks and spencers carrier bags, it’s only 5p but it gets right on my tits


    1.50 to get a tenner out of a cash machine.
    Oi….shop keeper/pub landlord, I SAY NO!!!

    Parking fees in motorway services for more than 2 hours, when the matrix signs repeatedly tell you not to drive tires and take a break – 2hr10 min snooze £90 😯



    You mean you only use free porn sites?


    Thought you couldn’t charge for tap water due to some old law about not refusing a traveller a drink

    They cant but they can charge to cover washing the glass etc I think there was a court case on this iirc

    OP SKY, Nestle products, Mc D’s, ..i could go on if you want 😉

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Most service station food. Horrendously overpriced bland awfulness. The only think I have to relent to is Coke, as that is a human right.



    Pure shite! Though not much of your money is actually paying for the product.


    You need a better dealer


    You need a better dealer

    I get mine from Tesco.


    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    Bike servicing. I’d pay someone to wash it though.


    anything from homebase.

    have boycotted the store til they change that **** annoying whistling music on their ads.



    a car.
    renting/ Zipcar does the job much cheaper.


    Bottled still water. WHY?
    Bleed nipple covers. Halfords have supplied most of mine (unknowingly).
    Taxis, another bloody rip off. Walk every time.

    Premier Icon ton

    pasta while eating out. 99p a bag and god knows how much in a restaraunt.

    fancy phones and contracts………… the f e c k did the world survive without em?

    poncy pumps everyone is wearing……….in dc we had plain black slip on ones, why do people find borstal plimsoles fashionable.

    any cycling mag now………total rip off.

    Bottled water.
    Anything from an Esso petrol outlet.
    Starbucks/Costa Coffee type stuff.
    More than £5 for a haircut.
    And probably loads of other stuff.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Bottled beer in pubs:
    £3.50 for half a pint? Go away quickly, you shyster.

    Car parks.

    Posh Ice Cream:
    Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen Whatsit.
    Nay, nay & thrice nay!
    Aldi’s posh stuff is £1.99 a tub and much, much nicer:

    Orange Bikes:
    ‘But they’re handmade in Britain!’
    Yep, so was the Austin Montego, but they didn’t have the bare faced cheek to charge a bloody premium for one.

    Designer clothes:
    Do I want to look like my clothes have been chosen by a blind Mod?
    No I don’t. Thanks.

    It really, really isn’t about the camera.

    BMW/Audi/Range Rover Sport:
    I want people to realise that I’m a tasteless, arrogant **** because of what I do and what I say, not because of what I drive.

    Brooks Saddles:
    My last one was £19.99. It’s still fine.
    Just because some trendy tossbag has decided they’re cool, they now cost £80.00.
    Either that or the world cow shortage has passed me by.
    See also Barbour/Belstaff/Lewis Leathers.


    anything from tesco

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Baggy shorts from a bike shop at £50+

    also known as “shorts” from other places who sell clothes

    Premier membership.


    Car parking – I’d rather walk for fifteen minutes that pay £1 an hour to park.

    Really simple software

    Software with a subscription

    Case in point , really simple software that takes your speed from an ANT device, uses a correlation that some other users input to give the ‘virtual power’ and includes some generic training sessions. $10/month. OK it’s less than a mag subscription or just about any power measuring device. But I object to having to pay that every month for software that looks so simple (and requires a £40 dongle to make it work).

    Thought you couldn’t charge for tap water due to some old law about not refusing a traveller a drink.

    I thought the closest it had to do with travelers was of the new age variety getting pilled up on E’s and wizz then passing out through dehydration?

    I’ll start – The humble baked potato.

    I can go to somewhere nice like Leckford and buy a whole sack of the blighters for about ten or twelve quid. These can be made in to wondrous, crisp, delicious baked spuds.

    And you want me to part with over a fiver for a microwaved, soggy pile of mush?

    I think not!

    Crikey – I hear Frankie Boyle is now telling the one about Glasgow and Las Vegas being the two places on earth where you can pay for sex with chips.


    “special” clothes to ride a bike.


    Zip ties
    Public toilets
    Air lines at filling stations
    Haircuts(popular one that init)
    Bike wash/car wash
    Zoos 😉


    Sex. I haven’t struggled to get it since I stopped being a teenager and the whole idea of an business arrangement leaves me feeling stone cold.

    I once went on a stag do to Berlin and was one of only two guys out of the group who didn’t wind up doing it with a prostitute. Myself and the other guy had the distinction of being the only single guys in the group, it caused me to reappraise a lot of things I took for granted about my mates.

    Oh and +1 for expensive bottled diet water. Sure, I pay £0.00000000001 for a glass of the stuff but I’m not paying a quid for a Peckham Spring.

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