Things you find completely incomprehensible…

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  • Things you find completely incomprehensible…
  • Houns

    Smoking and vaping. It stinks, you stink, you think you look cool but you look ridiculous, you’re damaging your health and those around you. You stink. Smokers think it’s ok to litter, to stand outside shop/pub/restaurant doors inflicting your cancerous stench on everyone. When I come supreme leader it will be abolished

    You ******** stink

    Yappy Fashion Dogs. Pointlessly, pointless. Just like their owners.



    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    recent Youtube recommendations…

    5 hours of Radio 4 Shipping Forecast (that clearly isn’t a forecast any more)

    APL (the only programming language I’ve ever encountered that needs its own custom font, and makes your head implode)


    Bib shorts.
    LOUD ADVERTS using rock ‘music’ on classical music stations – looking at you Cfm.
    Adverts that are so for da yoof that I have no idea what they are advertising.
    Social media what ever that is.
    My water bill.
    HMRC SA guide.
    How to generate a tab from sheet music on Sibelius or NCH.
    The cage system on guitar or why the movable scale works with any note anywhere on the frets.
    Modern life generally.
    Why I left Scotland.

    Water saving urinals.
    Urinals that don’t flush then.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    People who buy non stick pans. Why would you want something that lasts 5 minutes and leaves chips of plastic all over your food, stops you from using proper utensils on it etc?

    User error? I have years-old non-stick pans and have never experienced any of the problems you cite.

    Rabid Social Media. Everyone’s entitled to a voice, but the vitriol some people carry around with them is very disturbing.

    … he said, with no trace of irony, on a chat forum.


    People who choose to watch/listen to commercial radio/tv. And another for rock music


    Bib shorts.

    They are quite good at keeping middle aged spread from escaping under your jersey…

    Premier Icon Cougar

    LOUD ADVERTS using rock ‘music’ on classical music stations – looking at you Cfm

    If it’s any consolation, one of the rock stations (probably Planet Rock, I’m not 100% certain though) is currently inflicting us with adverts for a classical station too.

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Pineapple on pizza 🙁

    When I was younger my mum used to put banana in with home made curry. Why?

    Premier Icon oomidamon

    Anyone who watches Love Island, towie, etc.
    Abbreviating Until to Till – you’re adding a letter. Surely it is ’til?
    Anyone who orders EXpresso.


    kitchen towels that don’t absorb water.
    shoe laces that come undone, even when tied tightly in a double knot.

    too many other things to list.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Kanye West.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    British herd behaviour. So things like panic buying, clogging up the motorways on the first day of holiday, and accepting super long queues for places like the M6 and the local supermarket carpark. I’ve lived in and/or spent significant amount of time in a number of countries and never seen anything like it.


    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    mainly prawn cocktail crisps

    All potato crisps.
    Greasy, tasteless, pointless waste of a good spud.

    As TJ says; people.


    Water saving urinals.
    Urinals that don’t flush then.

    There’s a bit more to it than that.

    Premier Icon timmys

    …holidaying in Dubai or the like (double whammy of no morals and no taste)

    …driving a w**ker tank (double whammy of no morals and no taste)

    …people who HKLP (huge cross over with people who commit the crimes above)

    …people who say “pacific” when they mean “specific”


    Eating tuna

    Eating SpatchCock


    WorldPay merchant website and paper statements. The document I have ever seen that has a “Summary of Summaries”.


    Adoration of the royal family.


    Men who wear their hair in buns…wtf.


    People who move to a woodland area and moan about the trees/leaves/pine needles etc
    People who leave/drop/throw dog poo bags
    People who douse themselves in aftershave/perfume (usually stinking smokers to hide the stench, did I mention that they stink?)


    The disappearance of “Mike Smith”

    Premier Icon sargey

    Why electric cars don’t have that roof and bonnet made from solar panels.
    Leave it in the sunshine and it can’t be bothered to fill itself up.

    Premier Icon lovewookie

    Very religious christians who vote tory and don’t like the principles of socialism. Seems counter intuitive.

    Populist political stance of otherwise intelligent people. (I totally get the politicians reasons)

    Why catholics and protestants perpetuate dehumanising each other to the point of hatred. in Glasgow. Pretend it’s to do with football, stain every aspect of life with it (for example, the indy ref was largely judged IMO not on the benefits of choice, but on which group votes one way, the other group votes the opposite) and make it an instant judge of character (the first question asked if you meet someone is ‘do you work?’, like it’s optional, the second, ‘what team do you support?’) it all seems incredibly backward thinking and anti progressive.

    Bus drivers who don’t wait for people to sit down before pulling away from the bus stop;
    Taxi drivers who use their horns instead of knocking on the door;
    People who moan at the council about the streets being full of litter, not stopping to think that it is people who drop litter, not the council;
    A room full of drama teachers listening to Björk;
    Grown men with replica shirts worn over their jumpers, who stand up and stretch out their arms when the opposing team fail to hit the target;
    An assortment of scriptwriters, novelists and playwrights who own Agas but don’t know how to use them;
    A musical equipment reviewer responsible for an article titled “Microphone of the Month”;
    A woman who described herself as “A little bit Bridget, a little bit Ally, a little bit Sex And The City” and chose to call her baby boy Fred as a childishly rebellious attempt at a clever reaction to those who might have expected her to call him Julian or Rupert. Bit of advice: call him Rupert, it fits, and besides it’s a good name. Don’t be calling him Fred or Archie, with all its cheeky but lovable working class scamp connotations, unless you really do have plans for him to spend his life in William Hill’s waiting for them to weigh in at Newton Abbot.
    Also being held is a whole wall full of teenagers spitting needlessly;
    An amateur thug in camouflage trousers whose Japanese fighting dog had run amok on a Swindon council estate;
    A man from the record company who said that George Michael continues to challenge social taboos through his music;
    Lisa Riley;
    Continuity announcers introducing comedy shows;
    A pub band who get uppity when everyone goes to the bar during a song they’ve written themselves;
    A group of football fans referred to as Commodores, as in once, twice, three times a season, who feed sugar lumps to police horses at Cup Finals;
    An artist who said his next album would be more “song-based”;
    A man who informs people that he gets up at six am every morning and seemed to want a medal;
    People who say they speak as they find and are somehow proud of it;
    Journalists who try to spell an interviewee’s laugh;
    An organisation who declared an awareness week for awareness weeks;
    And a council worker who dropped litter.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Nigel, is that you? 🙂

    Love STW, you’re never more than 2 mins away from someone who’ll get a HMHB reference


    Why people care what music other people listen to


    The disappearance of Hora McCain

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Smokers in outside eating areas and beer gardens, go and kill yourself with fags/vapes somewhere no one has to breathe in your habit

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    **** geese

    How big planes fly and really big boats float. Don’t get me wrong, I know how it works, but every time I see the former flying and the latter floating my brain sort of goes “argh, how”

    Hating people or a group of people for any reason. Individuals makes sense, whole groups I can’t fathom.

    Why we still make plastic if nobody wants it.

    Premier Icon lucky7500

    Complete strangers arguing online about something that neither of them really understand.


    That time isn’t constant.
    That life started from a ‘primordial soup’ of chemicals.

    Can’t get my head around these.

    Premier Icon mickyfinn

    Smokers outside the hospital doors.


    Tattoos. Yes they can look really beautiful when first done (and I can really appreciate some of the tattoo artists out there) but fast forward 20 years and they look crap and won’t look particularly stylish anymore.

    Premier Icon johnjn2000

    Use of the word ‘super’ to accentuate something instead of just saying ‘very’ “OMG it was SUPER good”

    Use of the word ‘absolutely’ instead of ‘yes’

    Timpsons – not being equipped to re polish my leather shoes after a diesel incident, they are a shoe repair shop ffs!

    Littering – Any littering but lobbing out of a car window really boils my pi$$

    Dog owners with dogs off lead – The ones that shout across the park “Fido won’t hurt you and he is fine with other dogs” As Fido proceeds to snuffle underneath my dog (on lead) and getting more and more tense before eating Fido. Then you hear “ooooh that’s never happened before”


    People who get defensive about their shitty non-stick pans.

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