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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    I once had an argument with a colleague on a uni job, his dad had sold some car part to someone in Bristol who’d then cycled over to Cardif to pick it up. He thought the guy was actually mentally ill to want to cycle that far.


    I’ve never done anything weird in the privacy of my own home.

    Best BBQ I ever had was new years eve 1999.
    Had the bbq (made from a 40 gallon drum) & a brazier (made from a 40 gallon drum) about 30 feet from four (working & in use) petrol pumps on a filling station forecourt.
    It was cold & it snowed, awesome night.

    The neighbours were there as well.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’ve never done everything weird in the privacy of my own home.


    Premier Icon iainc

    Washing bike at 11pm after a night ride

    Premier Icon CHB

    Wandering round in my driveway with a headtorch and nitrile gloves on many weekends…mainly faffing with cars or bikes.


    TBH Its the neighbours that are weird not us lot


    Going to work…

    Oh and wearing anything other than pijamas


    Having a car and riding to work every day. +1000

    Chris at the bottom of our garden berates me regularly because I don’t constantly preen my garden.

    At our old house, one side hated me, I actually have no idea why. Never worked it out. They never knew me well enough to have a good reason to hate me.

    Premier Icon neil the wheel

    I live on a very sociable street and know all the people in all 18 houses. After 19 years, nothing I do surprises them any more. I even have a few cycling converts!

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    I have cleaned my car once in 5 years. It’s just an occasional bike carrier.

    Not smoking.

    Riding a bike.

    Not smoking.

    Not smoking.

    Premier Icon stavromuller

    Riding and cleaning bikes, obviously but the thing that freaks them the most is, if I have an issue with any of them, I let them know, firmly but politely. I had an occasion to be called a “queer sod” by one neighbour because I had asked my next door neighbours to try stop their four cats, crapping, puking and leaving mutilated sparrows in my garden. I suppose I should take a leaf out of their books and go whingeing to the council anonymously. Yes, I have been reported for making a noise, welding in my garage in daylight hours, how weird is that! When I find out who it is I’ll nail their balls to my garage door as a lesson to the others.

    iainc – Member
    Washing bike at 11pm after a night ride

    Just done this exact thing tonight, set the curtains atwitching, only moved in few weeks ago…


    no telly ,2 am dog walks 😕


    Piemonster, so where do you do your wierd stuff?




    Go out running every day. Occasionally in the morning as well. I dont know what the ones think of me who happen by coincidence to see me running morning and evening!


    Riding my bike. Nothing unusual there except he’s a cyclist too. Isn’t that right aka_gilo? 😉


    I like hats.. Nothing too wild, I’m not talking avant-garde millinery couture here, just the occasional bucket or bobble hat.. Apparently this habit has led my 30 stone neighbour who I get on ok with, to confide in my wife that he suspects that I’m ‘not all there’

    Our street is like a Devonshire version of Shameless’ Chatsworth estate though, so everyone’s full of character


    Taking my two year old out to play in the street in the dark on his balance bike rigged up with decent lights.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Milking their cat.


    Going out running or cycling normally raises some eyebrows, ive had comments like ‘ i dont know how you do it’ , i say its quite simple and involves getting up off your arse and walking further that to the car in the drive. 😉

    I used to stand in the garden in my boxers in the middle of the night shouting ‘be quick!’

    Still do!!!

    It’s the pagan rituals that they seem to find weird


    clubber – Member
    Riding my bike. Nothing unusual there except he’s a cyclist too. Isn’t that right aka_gilo?

    A slightly lapsed one at the mo….

    At my old old house whenever my next door neighbour (who was great) saw me heading out on my bike she’d take great delight in shouting out ” You off to ride the Tour Dee France Gilo?” I’d grin and say “something like that”.


    I have two different names i.e John Brown or Bill Smith.

    It can get a bit confusing when I’m in a shop and someone walks in and says Hello John. I say Hello back. Then someone else walks in and says Hello Bill, and I say Hello back. To make matters worse I’ve been in a local newspaper under both names.


    I like hats

    me too but lets be honest here we are weirdos 😀


    My neighbour has her own trolley which is on lease from Morrisons, that’s weird and my other neighbour has a dog that has its walks in the back garden. I am perfectly normal.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    BBQ, riding bikes, chopping wood for the burner, growing vegetables, sitting around the chimnea late into the evening, doing own car servicing. Normal things really.

    Compared to my neighbours I’m the normal one. Next door are stereotypical white trailer trash. A little way up the the road is 3 generations under one roof. Not unusual, except there is 11 of them in a small three bed terrace. Others think “work” is something that happens to other people.

    I try not to be judgemental but there are some weird people round these parts. 😉

    Premier Icon aracer

    Am I allowed stuff which ought to make your neighbours think you’re weird, but doesn’t? They’ve all got used to me on a unicycle, and the way they talk to me (I’m on first name terms with most) doesn’t suggest they think I’m all that weird – maybe they just hide it well!


    Swimming in the local reservoir in winter, breaking concrete blocks with various body parts.
    Wearing shorts and flipflops in all weathers.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Pointing out that a one way street is one way

    haha – my street is one way. There are always people (mostly those working in or owning the shops) “quickly nipping down the wrong way”.
    Apparently me driving the right way so that he’s now blocked is me getting in his way and blocking him, and it’s me that has to reverse in to a parking space so he can get by.
    And as I found out yesterday, German Highway Code now contains a hoot of the horn and a “get out of the effin’ way” gesticulation, in lieu of using that stick thing by the steering wheel that makes the orangey lights flash.

    As for me…
    going out on the the (communal) terrace to paint model missiles 😉


    My upstairs neighbour has something that scampers around on his wooden floors at all hours of the day and night.

    We have a strict no animals policy in our building and I have never seen an animal enter or leave his flat however this thing has four or more legs. We think it may be a spider-baby.


    Apparently me driving the right way so that he’s now blocked is me getting in his way and blocking him, and it’s me that has to reverse in to a parking space so he can get by.

    yep had that as well with an electricity van who insisted he was going to an emergency and would I be happy if it was my house burning down –
    I asked to see his hose in a camp flirty way – he was less than impressed with my response 😉
    He had to reverse about 10 metres and i had to reverse on to a major road. It was only resolved when I said we could call the police and let them decide.

    My street has a dog leg on it and i reckon perhaps 75 metres blind corner then 75 metres to major road[ no passing due to parked cars so its pretty daft to have a go at it doing this IMHO


    Take your wife out in the front garden with a collar and lead, get her to take a poop, pat her on the head and say good girl, then walk back inside.

    my neighbour thinks its weird that i have about 10 cubic metres of firewood neatly chopped and stacked especially when i explained its not burnable for another year……..i think this place is changing me

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Night riding in mid winter.

    Walking to the shops and not using the car for every teeny weeny journey.

    Not having the heating on at some stupid high temperature, thus walking around the house with layers of fleeces and jumpers on.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Other than the cycling, our neighbours are OK – guy across the road used to run a Superbike race team out of his amazing mancave, so I’m the lesser of the evils…

    My Chewbacca dressing gown gets some odd looks when it’s bin day though.


    When we moved in my Man City footie fan neighbour said ‘dont worry its really safe round here’.

    I replied back ‘its ok I keep pliers in my bedroom if a Burgular breaks in’.

    He said ‘really’?


    (He went pale and avoids eye contact ever since).


    A few Mallards had taken up residence on the front road, they had no access to water and were sleeping most nights on the pavement.
    I built them a temporary pool on the front drive.
    I didn’t realise I had blocked my 4×4 in until I woke up late for work the following day.
    They were no ducks in the pool so I drove straight through it , in full view of a couple of neighbours who were stood chatting whilst walking their dogs.

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