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  • Things to do in Weymouth
  • Being sent to Weymouth for work for pretty much all of August. Due to the distance I won’t be travelling back home at weekends, so any suggestions on things to do whilst there to fill the time? I won’t be taking a bike, but running gear and wetsuit for open water swimming will be making it onto the plane.

    Stuff to do at weekends, pubs to visit, that sort of thing if anyone has any suggestions!

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    Plenty of grannies to grab

    Good coastal path for running. Broadchurch was filmed near there. Surfing / paddle boarding lessons. Great cider bar with live music – The Stables.

    I’ll be trying to avoid grabbing any grannies, I will however be trying to sell them lots of tea…

    Coastal path for running sounds good, probably skip surfing as balance isn’t a strong point of mine, but will be sure to check out cider and music!


    Try and get out sailing, see if you can bag a cew spot as a guest for racing – friendly sailing club
    Chesil beech and Portland Bill – if you get some stronger winds the tidal race is worth seeing wind againt tide
    Jurassic coast and Lyme Regis
    Take ferry to channel islands/st Malo for weekend away
    SBS can be seen training from time tomtime

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    Bovington tank museum.


    If you have a couple of lessons, then surfing is easier than you think and amazing fun (speaking as a beginer myself!)

    Climbing on Portland? Drinking cider?


    The Stables – definite. Try one of their pies, and the cider samplers. There is a pub directly opposite the Stables, across the river, where we had the worst fish and chips we’ve ever had, 2 for £12 or so, it should have been £2, then maybe you could justify its calorific value, rather than the lack of taste and excess of soggy bits.
    I found Weymouth a litle bit rough 2 years ago. Like many seaside towns, go back 2 streets from the front and there are some rather unsavoury characters about. And guess where our hotel was?

    The highlight in the area is Swanage, though that’s a hour away. The coast west from Weymouth is the best area locally, up to West Bay and Lyme.

    Good info, cheers.

    Unsavoury types don’t bother me much, the area I have been covering up here in the North East has more than it’s fair share…

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    Bit of a thread hi jack but is it worth taking a bike down that way? I’m on holiday there myself soon at one of the holiday camps and i was contemplating taking my bike to nip out for an hour or so once the kids are in bed. Can you ride your bike on the south coast walk? I know you’re not supposed to but i liked the look of a ride up to Portland bill.

    is it worth taking a bike down that way


    Can you ride your bike on the south coast walk?

    I’d advise against it. (btdt)


    Great spot to learn to sail or better still windsurf.


    You’d likely have ideal conditions and warm water for learning.

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    Loads of good old fashioned bridleways to ride; the Ridgeway between Weymouth and Dorchester is very well populated with them. Portland is great for climbing, swimming in Weymouth Bay in August will be pleasant, always used to be a good music scene, Lulworth, Kimmeridge and other bays towards Swanage are great for walking and exploring. I think Carnival day is in August and they always used to have fireworks on a Monday night through the month too. Happy summer 🙂

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    Spent ’98 and ’99 working just outside Wahey-mouth and had a great time.
    Climbing on Portland and at Swanage.
    Coastal path is lovely. Nice run up onto the ridge with the white horse.
    Durdle Door is great for open water swimming / snorkelling.
    We used to drink in the Smugglers Inn at Osmington Mills.
    Ahhh…those were the young and carefree days…of grabbing a granny 😯

    Portland Bill is worth a trip, the old army barracks and gun placements is quite a sight. In weymouth the bit around the harbour area is the best bit with the best pubs/eating places.

    You could take a day trip to Guernsey (best with a bike) or Jersey.

    Further west and inland from Westbay is Bridport which is nice on saturday as they have a market, antiques/food etc.

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    Charliethebikemonger (the Earl of Swanage), should be able to fix you up with a bike to head out around Studland’s trails for a few hours.

    And I wasn’t expecting much but Abotsford Swan sanctuary turned out to be very good, aided by the bouncing bomb they had on display. They were tested there apparently. Don’t think any Swans were harmed.

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    Chardonnay in the bandstand

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Is that the drink or the 17 year old?

    Premier Icon lesgrandepotato

    Depends what you pick up

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