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  • Heading down south this weekend in search of sun, sea, sand and fat bikes

    Any recommendations for things to do, places to go, restaurants etc? We will not have bikes with us, the weather looks poo although we might still do a coastal walk

    Obviously a visit to CTBM on the list!


    Tank museum and monkey world not too far away.


    Jurassic coastline is stunning.
    Coutry Park up by the Altas stone is worth a visit (Durlston Head IIRC)
    Go onto the Pier and say hello to my Nanny who has an inscription on there.
    The steam railways good if it’s running.
    Corfe Castle
    Boat trip around Poole Harbor
    Ride out to Old Harry and the Agle Stone.
    Chain ferry from Sandbanks.

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    Square and Compass in Worth Matravers.

    end of thread.. 🙂

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    Dive Swanage Pier – it’s a classic! Though maybe not with the weather forecast.


    I would say coasteering as well though, as we ran into conditions difficulties on what seemed like a stunningly innocuous day in May, this may not be an option right now…


    Did this walk a few weeks ago on a dry warm day!

    The Banks arms in Studland is another good pub. I wouldn’t bother with Monkey World I thought it was horrible.

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    Go and see Charlie the Bikemonger and get yourself a hire bike, charlie will point you in the derection of some great trails. If you short on time, just get a free demo on one of his fat bikes and go get rad on the beach.

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    Don’t judge the weather till you are there, the sea and coast can be fantastic in “poor weather” although obviously take care if it’s windy or particularly wet, a piece of the coastal path collapsed into the sea a while back. Coastal walking there is great along cliff tops plus you have the dunes just before Poole/Sandbanks. There is the coast guard station and lighthouse around St Albans / St Dunstone heads. As recommended pub in Worth Matravers is great and a wander around Swange is worthwhile. Poole town and quay are rather disappointing in my view so stick to Swanage side for exploring.


    Definitely go to square and compass for a warm pasty and the best views.


    Rock climbing! (both sport and trad and deep water solo down at Connor Cove). *then* the square and compass.


    best thing to do is turn round and go home, nothing to see down here, honest….. 😉 “There’s no such person as CTBM (in fact its really a 12year old girl who’s just good with ebay and such like)and the Square n compass closed years ago, so don’t come here, errr I mean go there. Swanage doesn’t even have a pier and there is certainly no trails to be ridden or waves to be surfed, so like I say, best to jog on…….

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    Fossil hunting on the beach at Kimmeridge Bay and then the Square & Compass.
    Lulworth Cove and walk round to Bat Hole and the old smugglers cave (if it is still there and watch the tide).
    Dancing Ledge to Windspit, explore the old quarry workings, spot the fossils in the cliff and then the Square & Compass.

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    Yes – deep water soloing and the Square and Compass! – Perfect combo.

    The Square and Compass did make me fall off the Conger though.

    Frank’s Tank on strava…………


    Square and Compass you say?

    Or you could have a pint on the Quay in Weymouth

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    Eat fish & chips.

    You could sit on Swanage cliffs eating lovely egg sandwiches?

    We only really go to Swanage for the chippy in the square. Good fish cakes.

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    If you are there on Wednsday, go to Wareham in the evening and go to the pubs by the bridge.

    They have Wareham Wednesday there and usually it’s fun, beer, a crap market maybe and games for people to make fools of themselves in.

    Might only be n in summer


    The walk up and over from swanage to Studland beach, cafe or the Bankes Arms is good. Can always then get the bus back to swanage if you overdo the beers. The views from the top are great and studland beach out of season is lovely. I lived in studland for a while and did this alot.

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    Get the missus to drive back from the Square & Compass. Their home-brew cider is….

    actually i’ve no idea what happened any time i’ve been there 😀

    Steam train to Corfe is great, and Corfe won’t be too busy this time of year.

    Also a walk to Dancing Ledge to watch the climbers and do a bit of scrambling. Watch out for Scratch Arse Ware!


    There’s a brill ride, Studland, Harry’s Rock, up over the top, down, up, to Corfe, dinner, then out to station, back via Godlington and Hartland Moor paths to the ferry, then back along the beach to Stuland.
    And Square and Compass in Worth Matravers. I fell down a badgers hole on the way back, I blame the light, still lucky the Pugsley bounces……

    end of thread.. X 2

    Oh and a visit to Charlie’s is compulsory……..

    Wow blimey, cheers for all the responses!

    Sounds like the square and compass for a pint and pasty is pretty much compulsory!

    Any recommendations for dinner? The “canteen” looks quite cool. Bear in mind we are guardian reading city types 🙂


    I have not been to corfe castle since I was a nipper, was always my favourite castle because it was totally open and possible to clamber for hours. I’m really hoping they’ll still let me climb all over it!


    You can still clamber all over it, oh and then there’s T E Lawrence effigy in Wareham (and a nice chip shop) oh and the red squirrels on Brownsea Island……..


    Dinner at the scott arms, overlooking corfe castle. amazing view. might be abit cold…


    I’d go visit charlie bikemonger. Borrow a fat bike. Go for a few beers

    Bring your running shoes, i’ve got 15 off road miles to do Sunday 😕

    Recent improvements at Tank Museum make it a good day out now, even the missus and kids enjoyed it the other week when we went.

    I’d give the monkeys a miss, always makes me a bit sad looking at them.

    The state of the weather down here the last couple of months, any walking in the Purbecks will be a bit of a mess unless it’s in the sandy bits around the golf club/Franks tank area.


    Seconded climbing! Some of my best limestone routes ever have been at Swanage and Pembroke.


    and here:

    I went last year, it was full of hipsters. Everywhere I went – Hipsters,

    Rode up the coast, more hipsters. Went to square and compass queed for ages behind hipsters for a beer.

    Had a crap time till I found some vikings having a fight at corfe castle.


    Yak – Member
    Square and Compass in Worth Matravers.

    end of thread..


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