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  • Things to do in Seattle when you're dead. I mean, cold.
  • nicko74

    I’ve got the option of a couple of days in Seattle in December with most expenses covered. First thought is “it’ll be effing cold, so no”, but before I completely write it off, is there stuff worth doing for a weekend or so there?


    Possibly the friendliest place I’ve been to on earth. A mega-super place!

    Seattle is teh orsumz!

    This is pretty cool, apparently – (I was lucky enough to have a full tour on the factory floor many years ago with the Security team. Stunning)

    Go to Ivars while you’re up that way –

    Lovely place, Seattle. Lovely place!


    Boeing museum of flight?


    Pretty mild climate, temperate rain forest, very similar to the UK. Pike Place Market could be worth a look, too.

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    It’s the one American city (that I’ve been to) where I would consider living. Nice compact centre, and everything from beaches to mountains within a short drive. I was there in November a couple of years ago, and walked up Mount Si in the Cascades.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Seriously good skiing/snowboarding nearby if that’s your thing.

    you could go see the seahawks play if they’re at home that week?, meant to be really loud and one of the best atmospheres of any of the American football stadiums.

    Premier Icon hatter

    If you’re in any way a music nerd or vinyl sniffer then check out Easy Street Records, brilliant place.

    I 2nd Pike Place market as well, you could lose a day in there easily.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Don’t forget the space needle, and make sure you use the monorail to get there. You’ve got to love a city with a monorail! Next to the space needle is the Experience Music Project, never appealed to me but seems popular. Up the road from there is a massive branch of REI, I went in there while the family did the EMP.

    A nice couple of hours could be the ferry trip over to Bainbridge Island, a wander round the village and the ace bike museum and shop, Classic Cycle. Some other good bike shops in town too. Good micro breweries. Float plane tours if you want to see a bit further quickly, but a lot more spendy. Enjoy.


    Monorail, monorail, monorail!

    Cool, sounds like there’s enough to do there. Someone else is paying for the hotel, so even just vegging and eating at nice restaurants should be very pleasant.

    Thanks all!


    Some great mountian biking nearby – Whistlers only a few hours away.

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