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  • Pigface

    Have you done the dowtown loop in Houston? We used to do about 25-35 miles mixing road and trail and river banks. Get finished before it gets to hot. Downtown was a ghost town early on a Sunday morning.

    Don’t know much about San Antonio, you could head for the coast but Galveston is a bit grim.

    Downtown was a ghost town early on a Sunday morning

    Agreed – got a Metro bus (quick way to make the locals look at you funny is to say you’ve used the Metro!) from Greenspoint to Downtown to get a Greyhound at ~6am one Sunday….. it really did feel a bit 28 Days Later… I’m assuming you’re talking “25-35 miles” by bike?

    you could head for the coast but Galveston is a bit grim

    Good tip – was going to try Galveston on some future trip when we’re staying that side of town. Is there anywhere nice for a day trip on the coast, south of Houston?


    ..was going to suggest the Alamo – worth a visit

    City art gallery is better than most – out of centre – south

    a quick check Museum of Fine Arts is one was thinking of

    Off to Houston with work in a few weeks and have a day to kick my heels on the Sunday. Done alot of stuff around Houston before on previous trips – went to Austin for the day last time, which was a nice day out (and will be a week late for this years MotoGP which would have been perfect – grr), so as we’re staying that side of town again thinking of taking a trip down I10 to San Antonio. So – what’s to see? I hear the The Alamo is actually worth a visit….


    Gulf coast is ok hot and plenty of jetties, ask when you are there because you can find some amazing sea food places.
    Galveston is fine for a visit.

    Premier Icon juanking

    I’ll be there again in about 3 weeks. For eating in Houston you must try Uchi, amazing Japanese restaurant. In San Antonio the Alamo is worth a visit but somewhat underwhelming. If hot go to a cafe/restaurant by the lower level canals. There’s a great out of town shopping place where you can pick up bargains. Galveston is also worth a visit.

    There is a small town between san antonio and austin called gruene (might be spelt wrong , its pronounced green) Foll of junk/antique shops , a dance hall and a really good bbq restaurant. We spent an afternoon there a couple of years ago on a road trip and really liked it .

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Its not very big for a river, but there is a lot to do on the River Walk.

    Premier Icon crispo

    +1 for the river walk, I remember that being really cool.

    I also remember the Mexican food being amazing. We went to what seemed like the biggest Mexican restaurant in the world, really good bustling atmosphere, good food, and things like Mexican bands continuously walking round!

    This was 13 years ago so I was only 12 at the time! Haha


    You could try and get yourself on an episode of The First 48.

    b r

    In Texas? Go shoot things. 🙂

    Thanks all – looks like the The Alamo and the river walk keep turning up. It’ll also be the final weekend of the annual San Antonio festival while I’m there, so just bimbling along with the crowd for the day should be pretty entertaining in itself!

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