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  • Rockplough

    This. Can bite my lip as hard as I want but gets me every time.



    reading that has made me realise how lucky I am to have my health and that of my loved ones

    +1 for the whole thread. Need to empty the hoover, I think – dusty in here.


    There’s a few memories that do it: holding my childhood dog whilst it fitted itself to death, restraining an ex girlfriend to stop her taking an overdose, putting another ex-girlfriend on a plane home to Canada knowing that it was unlikely that we were ever going to see each other again, phoning up a friend to tell him that his best mate had died in a climbing accident.

    But mostly the montage from Up! wins.

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    Lots of things in this thread, Muppet Wrangler, hang in there fella, I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through at the moment.

    I lost My Dad to Primary Liver Cancer back in October, and that’s still pretty raw.

    This just has me in a proper state, always did knowing that one day I`d have to deal with it, doesn’t make it any easier when that day comes: “Tank Park Salute”

    Thanks for the kind wishes folks but I’m OK. It’s a shitty situation that leaves me quite often teary and emotional but I think that is, for me at least, a fairly normal and healthy reaction. It doesn’t last all day and has never really descended into anything more destructive so all in all I think I’m doing OK. And it’s not like it’s constant doom and gloom, there are still fun times being had when the opportunity arises.

    But mostly the montage from Up! wins.

    Bloody Up! We watched that shortly after Mrs mW’s initial diagnosis and first surgery, didn’t know anything about the film and thought it would be a bit of light hearted ‘toy story’ balloon house adventure type fun. I can’t imagine we could have picked a worse time to watch that film. Mrs mW still rips the piss out of me for falling apart over a cartoon.


    light hearted ‘toy story’ ballon house adventure type fun.

    And don’t get me started on the Toy Story 3 furnace scene…


    muppetWrangler – nothing more I can say than everybody else has said really, what a really sad situation 🙁

    Suggsey – I just re-read your post about your daughter being 25 now, thats great. I think my screen went all blurry the first time I read it so I didnt see that bit 😉

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    Some of these tales of emotional struggles are amazing.

    muppetWrangler – all the best to you and your family.

    st colin – I think you need to get some professional help if you haven’t already done so.

    Premier Icon st colin

    Bunnyhop, have been for the last couple of years, still hasn’t changed things.


    The news last night had a piece on domestic violence and the expected increase during the world cup.

    They played this clip that upset me a bit and gave me a bit of trouble sleeping…poor blighter!

    8-year-old in frantic 999 call to report domestic abuse


    Some of the posts here are heart-wrenching, I can’t begin to understand how some people cope – good luck all.

    My [seems rather trivial] emotional roller-coaster started on Friday

    Our beautiful 8 yr old German Shepherd returned from the vet with a further appointment for a scan on Monday and the warning that it was unlikely that he’d be coming home.
    We took him in at 8:30 and waited for the call that the scan had been done and the diagnosis [liver tumour] had been confirmed and he’d been put down – we’d already told them we didn’t want them to wake him from the scan if it was positive.
    We didn’t get a call until 5:30 yesterday – what a day that was – however they said they had had another operation overrun and they hadn’t been able to see to him at all so we brought him home.
    Today we did the same again, at around 2:00 we got the call
    He’s very ill, scan positive, likely tumours but would we like to try him on drug therapy and special food for a couple of weeks and see if he responds or would we like him put down?
    A big bill but we’ve brought him home.

    I’m exhausted and emotionally drained, I need a drink.


    Part of the point of my subsequent post after the initial is that we should all always put our personal traumas into perspective, for me Muppetwrangler’s journey with his wife currently along with other people who are battling serious illness or have lost nearest and dearest are all more important for moral and emotional support from the STW world.
    There is always someone worse off than yourself……

    Incredibly sorry to read that muppetWrangler. No idea what to say, other than your wife sounds amazing.

    Things that get me emotional? Thinking of one particular set of about three weeks, nine years ago:

    Returning home from three years working abroad, knowing that the chances of me staying together with the first girl I truly, madly, deeply loved were slim.

    Splitting up with said girlfriend, around the same time that my grandmother – that I stayed with between seasons – was diagnosed with late stage terminal cancer.

    After two days of inactivity, watching my grandmother sit up in bed to greet my sister that who had just flown back from New Zealand as if it was an everyday occurance. “Hello dear!”

    Standing next to my grandmother as she stopped breathing within 24 hours of my sister arriving, but it feeling like the most natural think in the world.

    Otherwise? Watching my daughter laugh out loud. Makes my heart miss a beat.

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