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  • Houns

    Football, anything on itv (though guilty pleasure of whitechapel), anything reality, Dr who, apprentice etc etc.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Pretty much everything that’s not on here, R4 or work, even then I’m rarely paying attention. (I still haven’t googled twerking).

    Premier Icon Yak

    Most tv, fashion, and technology to some extent too. 😕

    I can’t get used to touch-screen things – I need proper buttons!
    I expect i’m well on the way to being properly out of date and embarrassing to my kids as they get older… 🙂

    I have to say that I’ve not looked at a bike magazine or catalogue for many-a-year. That sort of thing just doesn’t get the juices flowing anymore.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Popular culture, unless it’s internet-based.

    Premier Icon stewartc


    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I popped into this thread and decided I wasn’t quite past it enough to contribute. I’ll be back in a year or two


    TV channels other than bbc2/3/4 C4/itv4/quest etc
    so i never get to see the inane pap churned out like strictly/mrs browns boys/brits got talent and all those 5mins of fame for desperate plebs programs that davina shouts over.

    shopping malls
    beach holidays

    i dont feel my life is worse off for not indulging in the above.


    I tihnk I might be Houns, looking at that list 😳

    Except whitechapel, substitute Broadchurch though – still Crime drama, just more modern


    I don’t watch the latest ‘reality’ series, the interminable yank mini series, or really care too much about the latest blockbusters. And I don’t feel as if I’m missing out. Lost, Breaking Bad, Twerking… What are these things?

    Does anyone else feel the same way? And what else in life do you let pass you by?

    I’m very like you in this respect, ohnohesback, but one thing: everyone nagged me about ‘Breaking Bad’ and it is in fact worth watching.

    Premier Icon footflaps



    and anything on TV (as we don’t own one).


    I can’t be bothered with much TV, especially anything from the US that runs for about a million episodes per series.
    Not seen Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad or any of that stuff, I’ve only got Freeview as I’m not willing to pay for more TV I won’t watch.
    About the only channel I don’t have that I’d like is Eurosport for the endless live cycling, but ITV4 shows a fair bit now.


    Everything, unless it’s family, business/bikes or motogp. 😉


    Oh yeah F1 for sure: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Also the obsession with having the latest all singing all dancing smart phone / tablet – whatever. 🙄


    I pretty much don’t watch tv. When it’s on it’s usually the Simpsons (OH watching as I get in from work), cycling on Eurosport or rugby league on sky. Or we’re listening to 6 music through the telly.

    I don’t really do films either. Or celebrities. Or fashion.

    I’d actually be happy 99% of the time with just a radio as I much prefer listening to stuff than watching – on training courses I find I take it in easier if I shut my eyes and listen rather than trying to read slides.

    Paintball – only ever did this with mates who booked the whole thing so just a laugh really, then went to a stag do down near B’Ham and we “joined in” couldn’t beleive grown men with paint grenades and all the camo stuff. I gave up playing sodjers when I was about 10.

    Radio 1 and all it represents, don’t even know who is on these days.
    F1 used to know all there was, now couldn’t give a monkeys
    Slebs saw a trailer for some BigDancingJungle thing didn’t know who anyone was. Felt quite smug about it too!


    Lots of cyclists pass me by, especially on hills… 🙁


    Reality stuff like TOWIE & Geordie Shore

    TV series that everyone seems to talk about like Prison break, The Wire etc. I don’t know how people find time to watch so much TV & get stuff done

    Fashion trends – I wear what I like, rather than the latest must have look that would have been ridiculed a year ago and will be ridiculed in a years time.

    Keeping up with the Joneses, with respect to ‘stuff’. New cars, big TVs, iPads etc. I’d rather spend the money on bike stuff and paying off the mortgage early.


    During a quick lunchtime pint I was informed there is such a thing as “silent disco”.

    Radio 4 programs. Tried listening, just boring posh folk bollocking on about how you should use grammar. With birds tweeting in the background.

    Radio 2, I’m nearly 40 but will never be old enough to like the music they play.

    Tennis, I must have been the only person I know who went out when McTimmy won Wimbledon.

    sky tv. theres very little of interest on the freeview channels so why dilute that down even further with a million more channels.
    itv. pap.
    reality shows.
    any soaps.
    most dramas on bbc1. sherlock and ripper street are excellent though.
    im sure there’s more.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    26″ wheels, remember those!


    TV totally passes me by, until our lass asked me to watch Peaky Blinders last night, glad I did, it was great!


    Facebook and Twitter. And the latest internet stupidity magnifier; Pinterest

    If I was a 13 year old girl they would be great. But I’m not, so they aren’t.



    ‘Social media’

    Premier Icon seadog101

    29ers, 27.5ers, thick thin, and the like. Probably won’t pass me by entirely, but I’ll only catch up when I need to. Not because some marketing dude needs me to this stuff.

    And much of what’s on telly. And the latest revolution in technology.

    Sky/cable/satellite TV.

    reality TV.

    soap operas.

    Computer games and consoles.


    Illegal/dubious streaming/downloading/filesharing.

    About the only channel I don’t have that I’d like is Eurosport for the endless live cycling, but ITV4 shows a fair bit now

    Premier Icon Caher

    F1, Celebrity whatever, X-Factor and associated genre and nowadays the charts.

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