Thieving Bristol scum convinced me that owning just 1 bike is the best policy

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  • Thieving Bristol scum convinced me that owning just 1 bike is the best policy
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    A P7 will do the trick nicely, lovely bikes they are. Before you order though I would get some tidy mates together and do a recce of the local skate parks and BMX tracks.

    bummer mate, i’m in bristol too so i’ll keep an eye out

    i am actually thinking of moving to that area soon…

    as for a new machine, i spotted a very nice Genesis 853 Altitude in Bike for around the £1k mark! not an amazing shop imo but still seems like a bargain!

    thanks everyone who said they’ll keep an eye out, easy bike to spot. Just checked out a P7 Pro but not too happy with the Fox Vanilla forks, would prefer travel adjust and/or lock out for communiting duties. Think I’ll build up another PA, shame Mike is out of grey frames, not so sure about orange or purple…. Anyone got pics of these?


    Sorry to hear that.

    Even in leafy Surrey I always tend to lock my bike when nipping into a shop. I use a cheap but useless £5 lock just to fulfill insurance requirements.

    not so sure about orange or purple…. Anyone got pics of these?


    The colour’s close but really difficult to photo. It really looks nice in the flesh.


    did eye see that very bike outside peaslake stores a few weeks ago??

    Most probably. Its outside those very stores most weekends. 😀

    harry too

    Hey there Agent, bad newsabout the bike. Will keep an eye out.

    Bristol is getting a joke, on the back of my letters to the North Bristol Councillors I have had no useful response except from the expaination that they are no longer planning to put up cycle racks in various locations due to them being damaged by cars.

    The local MP seems to have taken an interest, I have recieved correspondance relating to this issue which refers specifically to the links that I sent with my e-mail, so at least he might have had a good read and now be aware of the problem. He has now written to the Police Inspector asking what his current policy is to address this issue.

    The police have put me in contact with the officer tasked with reducing cycle crime in the city, he is keen for a meeting to discuss the issue, I am waiting for a reply from the Police Inspector prior to going down this route. As part of the new “Police Charter” they now have to listen to our concerns and act upon them, so will be interesting to hear what action they are planning on taking.

    A statistic from the Police report stated just 1% of stolen bikes in Bristol are recovered, thats rediculous when you see the number of council estate chavs riding round on bikes well above their station.


    We should put bikes out for these scum and wait-then own them…

    Or at least tag them and see where they holding stolen bikes.

    I was told not to build my hack SS with discs as it will get nicked at Work or the City.

    Hell with these theives-stealing our bikes and limiting our pleasure/choice in parts.

    I take my bike in the shop if at LBS.

    The thieves need dealing with. Total lack of respect of other peoples property.

    Hope you had it insured or get it back.

    Harry – spot on, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I’d be interested in that meeting. Currently, being a biker in Bristol is making me worried for my property, garden shed, garage etc now that I am a known biker to thieves who probably keep a spreadsheet of addresses to burgle, and also very slightly worried for my personal safety. I’m not a Daily Mail reading paranoid by any means. I feel pretty helpless when it comes to protecting my own property and worried about replacing my stolen bikes

    How hard can it be to set up some sort of police sting using tagged bikes and find where they are kept? Or challenge a few more chavs when they’re spotted riding expensive bikes in the obvious parts of town.

    I honestly dont know if crime is on the up, kids are getting worse etc, but as we are now the first Cycling City etc it must be time to try and do something about the problem in Bristol. The police told me that they suspect a sophisticated crime ring that ships bikes off shore to sell, but also that most crimes are committed by drug addicts and opportunistic thieves. Sounds to me like the police havent got a clue which it is.

    At least M&S keep paying out on my claims and should insure me again next year. No idea what it’s going to cost though…..


    all bike thieves must die, but….you loose two bikes inside a year and then leave a third bike unattended?


    The police often stop “local characters” on bikes they can’t afford and often seize them. The problem is identifying them, make sure you’ve security marked them and entered the serial numbers on somewhere like as well as noting them down yourself.)


    If you want a PA built up under cyclescheme, it might be worth giving Box at Badssbikes a call and I know he can do custom builds under the scheme and he will do his best to help you out.

    As for the bike, I will keep an eye out for it as there aren’t that many old style PA’s around.

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