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  • Premier Icon Cougar

    Thief acquires wallet, removes valuables, throws it away.

    Good Samaritan finds discarded wallet, sends it back to you.

    Premier Icon Sideways Tim

    Not really, robber will have had the good stuff and discarded the rest. Someone else, who is obviously a nice person, has found it and popped it in the post.


    They could have least have paid your postage. They could have put it on your debit card.

    Er, or the more sensible thoughts above

    And below

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Someone’s stolen the cards then lobbed the rest.
    Might have taken a while for it to be found.

    Ooops, what everyone else said. 🙂

    Premier Icon Sideways Tim

    I found a guys wallet when walking my dogs. Bits of it scattered all over the place. I collected it all and rode round to his house later that day (drivers license had the address). He looked at me like I’d nicked it and almost point blank accused me of helping myself to the cash.


    if it was a good samaritan, would they not have included a note and maybe a return address/ email in hope of some reward or to know you got it back?

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    I think I told this one once before, but…

    I was about 13 and I found a wallet under a bench in a shopping centre in Canada, when I was walking through with my mum.

    It was stuffed with cash. Like, we’re talking 100s if not more.

    My mom and I took it home, and she used the (non-address) ID inside to phone round every person with the same surname in the phonebook to ask if they had lost their wallet. The surname was ‘Singh’, so fairly common.

    After a couple of days of asking, and getting very suspicious responses from people, we finally found a man whose English was not very good, but who was able to able to describe the wallet exactly. We gave him our address, and he came to pick it that evening.

    When we handed the wallet to him intact, and with all the money inside, he cried and explained that this represented everything he had.

    I wouldn’t consider doing anything but finding and returning as a result of that experience.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Probably the thief’s mother.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    Drac – Moderator

    Probably the thief’s mother.



    I found a wallet in a motorway services on the way home from a biking weekend, it was there just as I got out of the car. I took it home and spent a bit of time finding him on the internet and eventually from the info (it was rammed with cards and ID) in the wallet got his phone number.

    So, I rang him up to let him know that I had his wallet and how did he want me to get it back to him? He was so shocked, he was not even aware he had lost it. I took my number and put the phone down.

    20 mins later he calls back to apologise for being off with me but in his words “people don’t do this sort of thing”.

    We met up near my house a few days later and he pulled all the money out of his wallet and gave it to me (about £70), I tried to explain that this was too much but he would have none of it.

    The wife and I han a nice ‘free’ meal that night.

    Would do it again, not for the money but to stop someone going through the hassle of replacing stuff.


    We found a purse in a layby in Scotland, also rammed full of credit cards and store cards. Rang Police who told us we had to take it waaaay out of our way to hand it in, major diversion. Never got any thanks for it.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I went to a cash point a few years ago, tried to put my card in but the machine wouldnt take it. i look at the screen and its the screen where you tell it what you want to do, cash, balance, statement etc. some one had put their card and pin into the machine, and walked off! I cancelled the transaction and removed the card, took it into the shop to give to the cashier, who recognise the name on the card, which was his mate in the shop doing shopping.

    I got a grunt and a dirty look as gratitude. Should have rinsed the ungrateful shit.


    I wouldn’t consider doing anything but finding and returning as a result of that experience.

    I am with saxon on this,good karma an all that.

    Found and handed in a couple of wallets .
    When I dropped mine in a busy street in thatlondon it was handed in with nothing missing .

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Someone came in the shop with a wallet once, no phone number, but a bank/BS/something card. The wallet had only just been lost, so I rang the bank/whatever, stupidly thinking they could ring their customer, tell him to go to the council offices where his wallet was.

    Not a single **** was given. they cancelled his cards, but wouldn’t ring him.

    Had my wallet handed in to MY bank once, i.e. HSBC, not my branch, who cancelled the cards in the wallet, they they had in front of them… thus I was stranded in morley as I had no cash.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I once found £35 in £5 notes scattered around a petrol forecourt in Gloucester. I rang Gloucestershire police when I got back to Leeds, they didn’t know what to do. Sugegsted I sent an e-mail, which I did, and got a reply telling me to hold onto it for x period.

    Never heard anything again. Guess no-one would think it would be handed in.

    Once left £200 in a wallet in a taxi, never saw that again.


    When I’ve found phones that are switched on I’ve rung “maison” or “maman”, but everything with an address gets dropped into the nearest post box.

    I lost my keys skiing and was very pleased/astonished to find they were waiting for me at the tourist office.

    Edit: banks automatically cancel cards in case they’ve been cloned.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    So a couple of weeks back I lost my wallet well it disappeared from my rucksack whilst out shopping in ealing

    first thing I knew about it was call the next day from barclaycard to say that someone had spent 650quid in carphone warehouse, was it me, then a 100 quid or so on amazon

    tried to report to the police- but our local nick -in the words of the PC on duty- ‘isnt a proper police station anymore’ so I have to report it online, but the website tells me to wait till the card company have dealt with it

    anyway on saturday I have a package needing payment at thepost office, go down and its my wallet posted back to me, complete with driving license(hadnt got round to replacing), library card, BC race license but minus debit/cc/oyster card etc

    its just a bit weird


    Found a wallet once in a petrol station, out in the sticks miles from anywhere, opened it up & it was my best m8’s… also found a number of mobiles over the years, always rang up & returned them (last one’s g/f asked him where his phone was… while I phoning from it 😀 )


    I found a tenner in the change bit of a self service till in Tescos yesterday, I looked up and the woman was leaving the store, I shouted and she carried on walking. An assistant comes over asks what the problem is, told her she takes the tenner does something clever with the till and says “she is a club card account holder I will make sure she gets the money back, thank you.” Don’t know whether to be suspicious or not?


    Found an iPhone 4s a couple of months ago while out road riding, saw it by the side of the road and stopped to pick it up. When I got home I checked it out, luckily for the owner he hadn’t stuck a PIN on it. Phoned his ICE number, his wife came round to collect it – seems the silly muppet had left it on top of his car and then driven off on a business trip… Very grateful, but no reward other than a warm feeling inside.

    Drifting slightly here but there’s a lesson in Karma.

    I found £20 in the schoolyard, this was 30 years ago so £20 was worth it back then. Handed it into the Janitor, later that day got caught up in a fire extinguisher incident which was an instant suspension for 3 days – fearing a total walloping from my dad when I got home I got let off due to my earlier good deed… Then 2 days later was recalled by the head’s office to be given £2 as reward! Spent it all on chocolate!

    Premier Icon zbonty

    I left a book (also containing £300)on a coach in Croatia last summer. Made a couple of enquiries and got it all back that day. I was both pleased and astonished!

    I was working with a guy a couple of years ago who ‘found’ a gps device out walking the dog with his kids. He then sold it on ebay for £100. He then revealed that some students were mapping something or other and one of them, somewhat stressed had asked him if he had seen such a thing (as they’d lost it). He said he had’nt whilst its was sat in his pocket. The theiving tosser.

    You’re just as likely to encounter a good samaritan as a thief.


    Here’s my story. Last years 3 Peaks – halfway off Whernside in a hurricane and I spotted a GoPro by the side of the trail. I was on one but I stopped and rammed it in my jersey pocket. At Viaduct I handed it to my Mrs and continued with the race. That evening I managed to charge it up and view the footage (largely water logged and crap, tbh) to see if I could see a rider number or owt. I then Tweeted it and mentioned it on here. I got a tweet back from someone saying they knew who it was – a junior rider who was filming for ITV. His Dad came down the next night from up near the Howgills (about 1 1/2 – 2 hrs) to get it back. Brought me two bottles of plonk for my trouble. Happy days all round. Well, apart from my lad who has been desperate to get a GoPro for ages!

    Premier Icon kcal

    Left my wallet at Glentress cafe / car park ages ago. Not even aware I’d lost it to be honest – next thing I know, when got home to Edinburgh, guy phones my mobile (on business card, inside cover of wallet) saying he’d my wallet and that he’d left it at The Hub..

    which was nice!

    a young lad found mine with his dad, they sent it back to me in the post, so I sent him £20 and a nice letter

    Found an iPhone 4s a couple of months ago while out road riding, saw it by the side of the road and stopped to pick it up. When I got home I checked it out, luckily for the owner he hadn’t stuck a PIN on it. Phoned his ICE number, his wife came round to collect it – seems the silly muppet had left it on top of his car and then driven off on a business trip… Very grateful, but no reward other than a warm feeling inside her.

    That’s the best kind of reward


    many years ago cycle touring/camping with GF round France on a tight budget. Got stuck with no cash one weekend & spent two days living off a baguette and some fruit. Found a man bag by side of road, cards scattered and 100FR note in wallet. Spent couple of hours tracking down owner as gendermarie was shut. Response: “oh yeah I left it on top of the car” and shut door in our faces. Rode back to campsite hungry, past restaurants with menus advertising fact we both could’ve had dinner on that 100FR. C’est la vie.


    I found a nice goretex jacket with a wallet inside on Sunday. Easy to trace the owner, who lives about ten miles from me. Dropped stuff off yesterday, treated to tea and biscuits, efusive thanks and a nice bottle of white. 🙂

    Premier Icon neilc1881

    Lost my wallet in a car park at the top of a pass in the Alps, it was handed in stuffed with my savings for 2 months in the. Alps, well, 200 euros which needed to last me! Handed in cash and all to the hostel, staff duly tipped for Karmic purposes.
    On another occasion I fell asleep on a ferry, woke up being told to return immediately to my vehicle, everyone was already sat in their cars and I was blocking them in! Woke up so fast and ran down to the van that I left my passport on the bench (it had been under my jumper pillow). The ferry company handed it to the passport office who rang me a few days later to tell me they had my passport but were going to destroy it as they couldn’t prove it was me they would be posting it to. They would then charge me for a new one and post it to me, yes, at the same address that they would not send the old one to! There was no persuading them as to the futility of their so-called security procedure. Bar-stewards.

    I once found a phone ringing in the gutter. The guy had dropped it whilst getting on the bus. No thanks or anything, just a string of demands for to deliver it here or there. I refused and said I’d leave it at the police station, took me three attempts as it opens irregularly, wish I’d just lobbed it in the nearest bin and left him mouthing off to himself 🙂

    My wife lost a twenty in the street, when we went back later to pay the person we mentioned we’d already lost it once, turned out one of her neighbours had found it and been round half the street trying to find its owner. Got it back 🙂

    A tip for the cashpoints…if you find a card or cash (or menu screen) just stand guard at the cashpoint and after some frenzied beeping it will suck card/cash back in, dump it in a little bin, and it’ll be posted/credited back to the owner in a few days. I was working near a cashpoint and noticed it beeping with £60 hanging out, busy street so I took the cash before someone else did, then took it into the branch. There followed the inevitable 20 minutes of queueing, followed by a look of delight quickly followed by disgust from my work mate who would have had it away in a flash.


    I dropped my wallet outside A&E in Cheltenham last year. I was not aware until the Police rang me the following day asking if I had lost anything. It turns out a hospital receptionist found it after the end of her shift and had taken it home and called the Police.

    They gave me her address so I rang her and popped round her house to collect it. I tried to offer her some cash as a reward but she refused. When I got home I got a Thank You card and £30 in M&S vouchers and posted them to her.

    Was really happy to get it back as it had my bank/credit cards and driving license plus about £40 in.


    spooky – the card will be destroyed when the branch staff empty the ATM but it will normally trigger an automatic re-issue. Some banks also offer in branch issuance so you may be able to get a new card the same day if you lose your card(normally large branches only).

    Visa rules require “card before cash” so you should never see both the card and cash hanging out. The cash will be sucked in if the customer doesn’t take it and the customer re-credited (eventually).

    I found a guys wallet when walking my dogs. Bits of it scattered all over the place. I collected it all and rode round to his house later that day (drivers license had the address). He looked at me like I’d nicked it and almost point blank accused me of helping myself to the cash.

    My house was burgled a couple of years ago and my wallet was one of the things to go. Cash and cards gone, but DL and other bits and pieces that would be hard to replace still there.

    A teenage girl knocked on my door a couple of days later, look scared to death, and handed me my wallet. She’d found it thrown into her garden but was scared that I would have thought that she nicked it – but her conscience got the better of her and she brought it round.

    Heart warming in a strange way in Manchester!


    I knew a chap who was fresh off the boat from NZ and left his travel wallet – passport, cash, cards, travelers cheques, everything – on top of a payphone on Oxford Street. Because he’d applied for a driver’s license there was a piece of paper in there with the address of the place he was living in, the whole lot turned up there 5 days later!


    Parked up in a shopping centre. When I got out the car I saw a brand new iphone on the floor. Unlocked it and phoned the persons mum. Bless, she had alzheimer’s so it took us a while to get her daughters husbands number. Quick call and her husband is very grateful. Gives us an address and we sent it recorded (cost us £10 and a bit of time). I wasn’t expecting anything in return. Just a thank you. Received £20 and a nice letter back. Plus an invitation for cream teas and scones if we are ever in the area. Lovely!

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