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  • bigeyedbeans

    second loop of the red is still closed
    black is open and dried out
    yeah there are loads of unmarked trails but i dont know it very well
    try searching forum on here (i think you can pick up trails from brandon country park)
    edit – never been to swinley forest


    Maybe off to Elvedon CP in the future and have a few questions about Thetford….Is it similar to Swinley forest ? Can you just potter around finding stuff for yourself or is it a case of stick to the marked trails ? I heard that the Red route has been closed for maintenance, still closed ?
    Thank you


    Had a nice couple of hours around Black/Red before returning to CP only to have my bike stolen that evening.
    I expect it will be stripped down and moved on by now but if any locals see or hear about a Black Orange P7 ( Vale46 sticker on lhs of top tube,The Doctor sticker on rhs of top tube and Buff sticker on bottom of seat tube) with Brown revelation forks with remote lockout,Hayes nine brakes ,Black saddle with red contrast panels on rear I would be grateful of any info.Please spread the word.


    stolen from centerparcs?
    thats grim
    was hoping to take my pride and joy to bristol next week but so many tales of bike theft on here im thinkin twice about it now


    There are lots of unmarked trails in the area but you do need to look for areas that are closed off due to logging etc. There are some trails the other side of the road from the black/red as well – the same side as the CP.

    I’m not a local either but ride there often due to working in the area occasionally.

    I would say a lot flatter than Swinley.


    Stolen from where? In the centre,or from outside your villa at night?


    I had my Heckler stolen from Elvendon centre parcs last year i wouldn


    t see it again.My wife`s Halford jobbie was chained to it and that ended up being thrown in the lake in front of the hotel. I believe there is some sort of organised crime ring operating in Center Parcs as im sure it was targeted. When i got home i did a bit more research and found out it was quite common for top end bikes to go walkies and no i never saw it again. It was stolen from right outside of the hotel reception and had three oxford chains and d-locks securing it to the racking just my own twopeneth worth.


    Yes from outside the villa at night,was heavily locked together with my kids 2 bikes, they removed all 3 to the fence, broke the locks apart and took my bike and left the other 2.This is the second time I have had this happen and luckily my Marin Wolfridge was inside the villa this time.
    This is very well organised crime and CP and the police don’t seem that interested in doing much about it.
    CP Security took a report for the police but I had a look around the fence line myself and found the bikes they dumped.
    If you go to CP leave your bikes inside the villa.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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