There's a tree down on the Quantocks!!!!!!

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  • There's a tree down on the Quantocks!!!!!!
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    Which frog descent? Must have fallen really recently as I went down there wed eve! (rhs)

    The left side singletrack descent.
    Its an absolute mother of a tree too, right on the track. . Its gonna need major work to get it gone, so im a little worries that it’ll be there for ages.
    On the plus side its made me explore slaughterhouse combe, which is bonkers.


    Take a shovel and built a ramp over it?


    I was at the Quantocks Sunday …..some of the combe’s looked like a tornado had gone through it ……..snapped and fallen trees everywhere …..

    Which, in itself isn’t news, but its blocking the Fabulous Frog Combe descent, and that’s not fair.

    Its huge too, definitely needs a chainsaw. Help!! I mean, I’ll help if someone needs it, anyone else??


    Gotta be someone down there with a wood burner in need of a bit of winter fuel.


    A few of worked on many fallen trees a while back including the frog combe area, but the side you mention was clear at the time, so it’s a newly fallen one. I’ll not take a chainsaw up there whilst the deer are dropping young and there’s lots of young birds about so it’ll have to wait till Autumn by which time a divert will no doubt appear.

    It’s certainly taken a battering though, i’ve never seen it as bad as this in all my years up there.

    Sharki, totally dont expect you to sort this. Good point about the wildlife. I may attack it with a pruning saw in the hope that i can remove enough side branches to roll it out the way. I cant see a divert appearing on this section as its a drop off to one side and a gurt climb up the other!!
    Its such a good piece of singletrack that it’ll be worth clearing though, especially as slaughterhouse scares me with a huge drop to one side!!


    I thought the same when I was up there last week. Was it all the snow over the winter? I’d happily volunteer to help pull it off the trail.


    if you think you can roll it after a little pruning saw work, are you sure a chainsaw is needed?

    Pruning saws are the tools that have done most the trail clearing up there and that’s mostly one by mtb’rs, so well done to all who have one there bit.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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