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  • There are some angry men out there – scary!
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    ^^ What nickc said. A car is the only place some people feel in control.

    A few months ago some skinny chav in an old ford escort took exception to me honking my horn at him after nearly taking me out on a roundabout (I looked at his faces and he didn’t even look at me). He did the whole road rage / up my a**e / etc for a few minutes. We got to some traffic lights, he got out giving me verbal and punching my window.

    Having honestly resisted giving gestures / etc back I accepted his invitation to discuss it further, but he scampered back to his car locking the doors; but ffs didn’t he have his little daughter in the car, crying her eyes out? I walked up to and tapped (very politely!) on his window, he rolled the window down a bit and I genuinely thought he’d burst into tears. I just said “Why? and with your daughter in the car too?”. He just looked at the floor. Didn’t know what to do / say so got back in my car.

    Never felt so sorry for someone in ages. Until the lights went green and he started the road rage all over again for the next few junctions 😐

    Was I right getting out? I suppose not, but [internethardman]flashing / gesturing is one thing but the moment someone gets out, starts pounding on my window and threatening me then thats not on[/internethardman]. IMOTBHYMMVOMGBBQ, etc


    I had a similar experience recently while out running. I was actually walking along a pavement and noticed a car up ahead parked in a driveway with his nose out a bit into the pavement. Anyhow, the moment I step in front of his car he starts to pull out. I then stop in front of him, cue exaggerated braking, blast of horn etc. He’s then leaning out of his window screaming and swearing at me and looking like a beef tomato. When I walk round to his window to discuss the matter, he winds the window up sharpish, slaps the lock down and stares straight ahead ignoring me. He also had a little girl in the passenger seat. I just don’t get it? What’s the point?


    This got it spot on….



    I got proper raged at a few months ago, threatened to run me over etc. I called the cops, went down the station to give an interview and plod rang me back that night saying theyd paid him a visit and he had apologized and admitted he was wrong etc.


    Yep been there. Transit van pulling a trailer cut me up while I was on a roundabout and as we were heading to the same exit, I accelerated and managed to get in front of him. Red mist descended, jumped on the brakes and was just about to get out the car when five guys jumped out the van. I instantly went from road rage to shitting myself and accelerated away.


    great cartoon johndoh

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