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    Came back from Leogang last Sunday (Munich to Manchester).
    The flight was full and the check in at Munich asked us to put our cabin bags in the hold. My son’s Go Pro was in his bag. Just went to put the footage on our PC and realised it wasn’t there when I unpacked.
    Lot’s of reports of this happening on t’internet. Obvious now but just be careful when you check in.

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    Happened to my Oakley metal jackets, took me weeks to realise. Just thought I’d lost them and then remembered packing them.

    Fair dues to the travel insurer. 4 weeks after returning I reported claim and all sorted. Still annoying and in your case the videos are irreplaceable, sorry dude.


    Some friends of mine lived in Italy for a few years. Thievery was so rife at Pisa airport they used to leave bread and cheese and olive oil at the top of the bags as an offering, hoping that the guys would just take that and leave the rest of the stuff alone.


    Did you not lock the bags? Plenty of small padlocks / cable locks around, even sell them at the airport?


    It was hand luggage right?, I don’t lock that. It was obviously an unforseen curcumstance so he probably didn’t have a lock handy.

    I bet they only got told at the check in desk when they took the unlocked bags off them.


    Frankfurt airport flying back home to the UK. Totally new suitcase
    bought in Germany with a lock fitted on the zip pulls. Get back home, and the pulls had been snapped rendering the lock useless. Nothing stolen as the suitcase was full of dirty clothing 😀


    I guess it would make things a bit more difficult, but after watching this I don’t bother locking hold luggage anymore:

    In the US they recommend a certified type of lock they can ‘pop’ otherwise expect to have it cut off for security checks.

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    As Mosey said, it was a last minute thing at the check in desk.
    Trouble is it was a week ago now and I’ve only just realised.
    Insurance T&Cs state it must be reported within 24 hrs. I’ll ring them tomorrow and see what they say.
    Little fella is gutted about the footage & the camera.

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    Makes a mockery if the security checks on passengers, if the baggage handlers can get stuff out they canget things in. Only had it happen once, internal flight in Malaysia, phone and a fake watch. Must’ve been done via x-ray as the items taken were at the bottom and stuff had hardly been disturbed. Take anything nickable in my hand luggage, would not be happy putting it through the hold if asked.

    Rogan Josh

    Stumpyjon, yes the baggage handlers could get something into a bag but if something dangerous then they would have had to have gotten that into the airport in the first place.


    Very frustrating, had my bag rifled through multiple times on bus trips through Cambodia and Thailand. Got all my chargers the first time, I hope they used the profits wisely.


    Padlocks are a waste of time in most cases Most zips can be popped with a biro and resealed so you need never know they were in there.

    Secure tsa luggage is what youll be wanting – then it just attracts attention as you have something worth steeling.

    I have tatty scruffy kit bags from work – dont lock em. I travel to places where this stuff happens – oddly to my colleague alot – he has a flashy north face holdall he takes with him ….

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    Insurance (Natwest) have wriggled out saying that as the luggage was checked in it wasn’t under my control.
    Fargin bastiges.


    Insurance (Natwest) have wriggled out

    Has anyone managed to get an insurance company to reverse its decision?

    I have just received a letter from my holiday insurance to tell me that they will not pay out for my cancelled holiday.

    I booked annual travel insurance in July and put the start date for Aug 6th (first day of your summer holiday). I was taken seriously ill on August 3rd and spent time in intensive care. They have just told me that because it was an annual policy and I was unfit to travel outside of the start date that they will not pay out (even though the holiday was within the insured period).

    Anyone had any experience of something similar? I feel like I have been robbed (of several grand).

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    Talk to the airline?

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Sorry to hear and thanks for posting, serves as a reminder to us all.

    Has anyone managed to get an insurance company to reverse its decision?

    Yep, had to go through the ombudsman which took ages but eventually got a full payout for spinal surgery in Greece.

    bent udder

    I use the thin, small zip ties which are a beast to open without damaging. Through the zip pull(s) and round a D-ring or other bit of the bag so the zip can’t be popped out and back without leaving a few links showing.

    I go on the principle that I can’t stop someone from getting into my bag, but I can jolly well see if it’s been tampered with, either by security or the bag chuckers.

    Years ago I was flying with a lovely DeKerf in a soft bag, and someone trod on it hard enough to push the front wheel axle into the downtube, leaving a crease. I complained to the airline and was told I had to report damage at the airport. So from then on, I always unpacked any bike I was flying with to check for damage before leaving the terminal. Really, really annoying, because you either want to get to your holiday destination or get home, but I felt I had no choice.


    Get one of these or make your own. (I realise this wouldn’t have helped the OP)

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