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  • The yearly 'need proof, no making shizzle up' how many miles you done thread!!!
  • radoggair

    Lets go STW, what we all done in the past 365 days!!


    Will check my computer tomorrow but I think only about 2000.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    If you’d asked me 6 yrs ago i could quite honestly have said 15000miles+, as i never dropped below 300miles/week on my ss, however last year i doubt i broke the 500miles mark…and that’s a generous estimate at that.

    So far this year i’ve done 23 miles on new years day wi a lap of Kirroughtree so i’m chuffed wi my progress and determination to get back on it again, I’ll hopefully take that up to 50 miles t’morn 😀 , not much compared to some on here but i have to start somewhere.

    According to Endomondo I managed 4,365 miles in 2012. Mainly tarmac though.


    4,800km – that’s cycling, walking and paddling. Less than half what I managed in 2011 but a glance at the “duration” figures shows much less of a drop. Less road biking/more mountain biking and walking I reckon.

    I don’t know.

    Probably to many at one point and then not enough recently.


    3303 miles

    At a guess I’d probably say somewhere around 6000 – 7000 miles.

    Although I’m probably miles (about a thousand!) out!


    Probably around 4000 miles, mostly on the roads here and in the US. I did a few mountain bike epics though too. Looking to do another big tour in Europe this year.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    1988Km recorded so probably another 10% of unrecorded so I’m guessing 2200km


    About 1300 miles, all on trails and all in the mountains & foothills—Like it or not, I have to face it—-busydog is getting older!!!!


    Near 7k all in, ride to work is 70 miles a week + 50 on a weekend.

    This year hope to log all rides.

    Premier Icon miketually

    1700 miles. About 1000 of that commuting and the rest spread over about 11 rides, which is all that I managed this year.


    Garmin connect has my mileage as just under 5800miles.
    Thats only miles on road bike. Never enter mtb miles.


    3298km aiming for 4k next year


    1420km recorded for 6 months, so approx. 2840km road & mtb cycling. Excludes indoor turbo sessions though…and I did lots of those
    567km recorded for 6 months running, so approx. 1134km running
    Approx 100km swimming

    All from strava, but my profile is locked down so no link to it.

    Premier Icon beej

    8926 km / 5546 miles road, 446 km / 277 miles MTB.

    Grand total: 9372 km, 5823 miles.

    Very road based year, more MTB in 2013.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    3600km for me in 2012.

    1486 miles apparently-very disappointing.
    Hopefully closer to 5000 this year if I can.

    Garmin says 2266km. Not a lot really.

    4187.9km for me


    Garmin total was 3995 miles
    Was not even close to the 6000 I had wanted


    2184km of mountain biking, according to endomondo. 600km more than last year. I expect to be down again for 2013.


    Endomondo tally 5900 kms. Mtb 2300kms Road 3600kms.


    2100 on strava for last year – it’s a bit more than that due to a few weeks of broken iphoneness


    last year just managed to clip the 6K mark with 6004 miles..889 miles mtb, and 5116 miles on the road.
    I blame the weatherthough for the MTBing, as 2011 did 2076miles mtb and 4308miles on the road.

    proof here.. but only if you’re on my friends list.

    Singletrackworld indeed 😉

    c 450 / 500 hrs riding time (offroad)


    According to Strava 4,260 miles. I haven’t checked but it is probably a 50:50 split of road and off road miles.


    2012 by simondbarnes, on Flickr


    Of my 5900 kms for the year 1400 were big smiley rides on my fatty bike

    Less than half you radoggair, but i prefer taking the train to work 😉

    Think figures were 4800 miles 450k feet climbing.


    1120 miles – about 800 of which were on the road.

    Aiming for 2000 miles this year.


    A shamefully low number of off-road miles, like maybe 200 max (I shouldn’t be on this forum ;)), and then Garmin connect says 7,400km but that doesn’t include 1200km on tour in July. It wasn’t anywhere near what I was hoping to do, but I just gave up between job changes, moving house/town and the shitty weather.

    I should add that I’m making a special effort to get as much riding as possible in over the next couple of years before attention turns to sprogs.


    2565.5 according to Strava. I only bought a GPS in April and don’t carry one on my commute so you can easily double that.

    Mix of on and offroad. It is pretty easy to rack up big miles if you are doing a century on the road every other weekend through summer and commuting 50+ miles a week.

    Just under 15000km not counting commuting.

    7507.02 Miles. According to strava and my garmin for my one missing month of January. Check Richard Jones on strava for proof.

    Its been a mostly wet and soggy 7507.2 miles thats for sure.


    6,206miles according to Strava, but that missing a 12hr race as I forgot to switch it off on the way home 😳 mainly xc miles but more recently road miles due to the crap weather.

    Premier Icon edd

    I commuted (my only road riding) 866 miles. No idea how many mountain biking but I would guess about 700 miles.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    4968 apparently most of it commuting tho (3755)

    only 2294 off road 🙁 crap weather grrrr.

    Just got a cx bike so next year should be a lot more offroad miles but still probably about the same commute:fun riding ratio, but hey off road commuting is a lot nicer than on 🙂

    Premier Icon proutster

    Started using Strava at the beginning of May and I’ve done 51 rides, 70 hours and 549 miles (but take off about 30 because I forgot to pause it whilst on uplifts at Antur Stiniog and Cwmcarm).

    All on the MTB with as little road miles as possible – just joining up BWs etc.

    Pathetic total compared to most of the above – target for this year is 1000 miles, first ride of the year tonight 😆

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