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  • The wide of foot – what SPD shoes?
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    I’m really struggling to find some spd shoes that fit well. I have quite wide feet – I can fit most normal shoes but they just aren’t quite right. Shops only have a limited range and I’ve already tried and sent a few pairs back I’ve ordered online. So any recommendations?

    Criteria is quite stiff for XC and cyclocross, preferably ratchet and must take toe studs. Ideally £100ish pounds, but getting desperate now so will consider anything. So far I’ve eliminated:

    Shimano normal fit – OK but just a bit narrow and can only use thin socks
    Shimano wide fit – only been able to find quite a basic model with no toe studs
    Diadora X-Trail 2 – great fit but had two pairs disintegrate and warrantied. One the fibreglass and one the carbon.
    DHB Carbons – looked great and fit was OK, only has stubby non-replaceable toe studs so would result in a lot of cyclocross hilarity
    Mavic rush wide – they were really narrow, sent back to CRC who may have mixed up the normal and wide fit so still possible

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    Scott have a bit more room in them. Have a look at Start cycles

    Premier Icon lunge

    Specialized are what you want, the Comp has got a stiff sole, screw-in studs and should come in at about £100. You may even be able to find an old model Expert for that price which has a stiffer sole.

    Premier Icon akira

    Northwave are quite a wide fit.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Tried anything from Sidi ? more cash but a great fit…

    Premier Icon momo

    I can’t wear shimanos normal fit, specialized don’t fit my feet (feel too narrow under the arch, mavic are a no go too, but northwaves are bloomin lovely! Which means that I end up wearing my winter boots all year round!

    Edit: might treat myself to a set of these

    Premier Icon tomd

    I actually have a pair of Scott spd shoes and they’re a bit too narrow.

    Haven’t tried Sidi, Spesh or Northwave so will have a look into those.


    Sidi do a wide fit – Mega. I have road ones and they’re great. Always found Specialized too narrow, some Shimanos are OK but they really vary.


    my sidi genius are still a touch too narrow for me so I went to
    Spiuk …. what a revelation !!


    A bit out of leftfield, but the muddy fox ones from sports direct are surprisingly good and wide. Toe studs too.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Not all Northwave shoes are wide. Study the pics and if anything has a pointy toe then it won’t fit.

    I have wide feet, wear men’s shoes and have been through this before!

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Spesh Carbon Expert fit your bill, except for the ratchet bit, but the velcro fasteners are good and snug on mine after a year or two’s use. Stiff sole, take studs, decent toe box. I have wide feet and they fit nicely. There are still a few around. I saw an ad for some for £95 the other day.


    I have the same problem – Shimano are too narrow across the toes for me. The comfiest shoes I have found are Spiuk. When they died I bought some Northwave shoes which are also pretty good


    I’ve just been through this too. I have short wide feet. Shimanos wide fit starts at 42 which is too long for me. I tried DMT and Northwave after recommendations but the end was too pointy squashing my big toe. I settled on the Specialized Comp which was a nice fit. Not perfect for me but the best I could find. Its all about the shape so keep trying different brands and styles.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Have some older Northwave Lizzards which are good and wide.
    Bought some newer Sparta which are a bit narrower (especially in the toe), still a reasonable fit though.


    I have a wide foot and went with the specialized. Only about £80 and plenty stiff enough for mountain biking.

    Loads of room too.

    Premier Icon binners

    I have feet similar to an orang-utan. Shimano’s and Specialized shoes? Not a chance. Far too narrow! I’d definitely recommend Northwaves. I’ve had a few pairs, and they are without doubt the most accommodating for those of us blessed with elephantine girth around the toes

    661’s are nice and wide too, but I don’t know if they do anything that fits your needs. I wear the more casual Filters which are so bloody comfortable you forget you’re wearing SPD’s

    Premier Icon nemesis

    +1 scott shoes from start cycles.

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    Sidi megas for my wide feet. After trying loads of different makes, the Sidis were a revelation. Very tough too… Have survived far more mountainous hike-a-bike than any stiff soled bike shoes should be expected to.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    I had some Northwave Celcius (or maybe Fahrenheit, can’t remember) and they were far from wide, so best to check the model.

    Cheers, Rich


    I have very wide size 12s and have sidi wide fit MTB shoes for my road bike and they have toe stud fitments. They aren’t the expensive top of the range ones but can’t recall the model name…have three Velcro straps if that helps!


    +1 for Sidi mega. They fit my gorilla feet perfectly

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