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  • parkesie

    How exciting is the anticipation of shiny new bits in the post arriving?

    The frame on my current bike split so off for warranty it went will take 2-3 weeks so in the mean time i had a nose around the usual online stores and my lbs for a cheap alloy frame to build to use in a few races in the coming weeks.

    Well that was the plan anyway, but as with all good plans things go wrong.

    1st up i landed a brand new wanga for £75 superb job done i thought just need a new headset for it, clean up and service the rest of my drivetrain and away i go.

    hmm shifters are a little sluggish and worn cassette etc look like throwing stars brakes need bleeding and new pads bb needs new bearings.
    Lets have another look around the internet.

    So new frame check
    New xt drive train complete check
    New xt disc brakes check
    New hope headset instead of a cheap one to just do the job check

    Good job the forks are new and my wheels are still good or i might aswell of just bought a new bike.

    Post mans going to busy this week cant wait to build it up in the living room 🙂
    If i like it ill prob end up keeping the warranty frame in its box.


    It all arrived 🙂

    Built up into a a nice new gate for me initial spin around the block is promising into the woods tomorrow i think.

    Liking the sliding drop outs alot less agricultural than my old kinesis.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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