The Voyage of the Gnusmobile

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  • The Voyage of the Gnusmobile
  • Premier Icon gnusmas

    Thanks for the comments. They really are over the moon by just having a car. The other two haven’t been in it yet, but they will. And photos will follow, including comical ones of them all being shoehorned into it.

    Last night, after a lengthy discussion of how are we all going to fit in, the realisation kicked in with them that we can go places again. Cue lots of ‘when are we going here’ and ‘when are we going there’

    Last night we were given a second hand pair of sofas too. So no longer do we have a 2 seater sofa to sit us all, we can all sit down in comfort. Slowly things are coming together in a practical sense.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    FFS. Those pictures of your kids grinning after all they have been through has set me off with a bad case of Dusty Eye™.

    Now go and have some adventures!

    Premier Icon aazlad

    It’s truly heartwarming to see the smiles on the kids faces.  Great work by all involved and all the best to the Gnusmas and the family.


    Hope you all enjoy the car.

    Think that smile say it all


    So, has anyone got one of those car 12v splitters? The ones that have a car ciggy plug on one end and two sockets on the other.

    I couldn’t find the one we used for the DVD players, so if you have one spare could you post it gnu’s way please!

    Dvd players are in the post chap.


    If you mean a splitter that gives you 2 spare 12v ciggy sockets from 1, then yes I have one.. Hardly used.  Can someone PM me Gnus’s postal address.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Definitely a bit dusty in here too reading the tough times you are having Gnusmas and how much something like this can bring some light into your kids lives. I hope you get some enjoyment from it.

    well done to the STW collective of car donors, TJ, car drivers, mechanics and fundraisers. I salute you folks!


    I have one that runs two 12v lighter sockets and also has a USB charger and shows battery charge level, might be useful as the yaris has a teeny battery and can soon be run down if stuff is used with the engine off?


    OMG – you’ve all been sitting on a 2 seater sofa. So glad that has been rectified.

    If you need any other furniture shout up, we may be able to help out?

    Bunnyhop x

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    Yes. A 2 seater sofa. That’s all we had room for due to the hospital bed and my bed in the front room, the electric wheelchair, reclining chair and other disabled aids we had.

    It never occurred to me that we needed or could now get extra seating. A friend offered us their sofas when we popped round for an hour the other night as they were getting new ones. I said i would love to, but didn’t have the room. About 10 mins later I stooped on the floor with my head in my hands on the verge of crying. They asked me what was wrong. I told them we have got room and that i was still thinking of the house the way it was.

    It was only at that moment I had the realisation that all this time 5 of us were using a 2 seater sofa. I started another thread a few weeks ago about chair bed recommendations. My bed is falling apart and being propped up by crates and stuff. Still like it now as I have just remembered about this too. I am not asking for anything, just trying to show the way I am not thinking clearly and nothing really makes sense anymore.

    Things will be easier when thoughts are clearer and I can process stuff again. I really hate being the way I am, its not fair on the kids at all.

    Premier Icon fadda

    I have a single bed, and a double mattress (without a base) going spare – any good?

    Premier Icon Ambrose

    Al (Gnusmas)- go bowling! Seriously, go bowling with the kids. Not actually throwing the kids along the lane, that’s just a nasty thing to do- but go to the bowling place in Johnstown. They are also a furniture re-homing place and I’ve heard some good things about them.

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    Thanks for the offer fadda, don’t think a cross country (not sure where you live) bed frame relay is needed, but really appreciate the offer.

    Ambrose, i took them bowling at the weekend. They have a soft play area there too for the little ones so all bases covered in one way or another. Have used the furniture place a few times over the past few years, and honestly, I hadn’t remembered it was there.

    Premier Icon tartanscarf

    Best thread ever!  Well done to all involved – always great to see happy kids!


    Premier Icon gnusmas

    The pics I think we have all been waiting for……

    They fit!

    Bit of a tight squeeze, and she didn’t want a photo taken with the others hence grumpy face.

    I will be trying to move them around and see what suits the best but we all went out in it today. We went to Swansea for a trip. Only 30 odd miles away, but far enough. Over three quarters the way there, this happened.

    Pulled over to have a look at fluid levels, all seemed fine. Seeing as we were nearly there I thought get to Swansea, let it cool down and check properly. Oil was a bit low so I topped it up. Light stayed on all the way home, will have another look tomorrow without the kids in the car and see if there is anything obvious.

    The gnusmobile does not like being full of people. Steering was very light and lacked some power. Just need to sort the engine light issue now.

    Thankyou again for making all this possible.


    great to see the pics.  I just hope the engine light is nothing too serious.

    Premier Icon jonnyrobertson

    The single greatest thread I think I’ve ever seen on here. Hope you and the mini gnusmases enjoy many wonderful miles together in your new car. To all that made this happen, you rock. 🤘

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