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  • The things you find at the tip.
  • Premier Icon parkesie

    Does anyone else find that they take a car load of stuff to the tip and come back with the car full of someone else’s crap.

    Just picked up a turbo trainer a kids bike and a adults cheapo mountain bike. The bikes are getting welded together as a trike with a truck seat 🙂


    Gypo 😉


    my mate found a dean ti(early one)frame once!! I saw a pile of wheels in there last time, lots of old campag hubs, couldnt get them out.


    I picked up some brand spanky new diamond back branded rim brake wheels for the pub/SO’s bike last month for £3..
    Had a nice valve operated vintage grundig radiogram once too..


    Got an almost unused ladies Raleigh mountain (yeah!) bike for my daughter for £3 coupla weeks ago…she loves it 😀


    I have 3 PC’s and one flatscreen monitor in the house all liberated from Cambuslang council amenity site. I use them to as frontends to stream Mythtv to various rooms. I grab one a visit and if the spec surpasses any of the computers already in use it’s free upgrade time. When I was a lad I got a set of Mission Electronic speakers worth ££££££’s out of North Down dump.

    My father in law once chucked a curvey stayed Hetchins in the local dump before my time…….criminal.

    Something is wrong with society etc.


    I have recently salvaged a perfect 80’s GT Timberline MTB which I sold at a carboot and a first class 90’s GT Rave road bike which is having a bit of loot lavished on it because I love it so. Both bikes came from the local tip and needed only a clean and lube and some sky in the tyres.


    I always look in the metal one but haven’t seen anything yet, skips are more my bag though, i’ve had a Kona Hahana, a Raleigh Burner and a mint Mini Burner all just from my road.

    Edric 64

    Lucky sods! our local tip is monitored by cameras and the guys who run it are not supposed to sell stuff on .I did manage to pikey a Marin frame from the tip and flog it on ebay,and one of my fixie frames came from there as well.


    roadbikes,wheels,stihl chainsaw, bench saw,black and decker tool kit bin bag off cannabis leaves in the garden waste bit it all works as well with abit of tweaking my house its full off stuff from the tip


    righto…….i know what i’m doing tomorrow now!

    Premier Icon uphillcursing

    The local one to me will not allow anything to be removed from the skips. There was a lovely looking lugged steel bike in there last week.
    “can’t take anything out or we get the sack” was the line I was given

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Brother in law use to make reqal money on the tip

    Best was a pair of Tannoy monitor golds (speakers). He paid £10 for them

    He put then on ebay. They went for £1400 to a bloke in Japan who paid £400 air freight on top….


    Im a self confessed skip jumper…cant walk past them with out having a rumage… 😮

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Free stuff rocks got a cast iron burner/bbq from someones fly tipping in the summer.

    Turbo just like new 🙂

    i set up and ran 2 bike reuse projects at tips and we were inundated with stuff. some good some bad but i was always amazed with what people throw away.

    A mate of mine actually owned a landfill site up North, the stuff he found was unreal. The best find was a Rolex watch…still in the box! & it wasn’t snidey either.
    He made a fortune out of that tip. The daftest bit was when a local council came with some lorry loads of snow that they’d cleared off some streets, paid him £50 per lorry to tip it & after the sun came out it was all melted the next day. The other one was when tradesmen came with wood from various jobs, he’d charge them for tipping it then flog the wood to someone else. Same with bits of scrap.
    Think I’ll buy a big hole. 😆

    b r

    Think I’ll buy a big hole

    Nah, don’t want to be tipping anything, its too expensive and complicated.

    What you want is a yard where you can sort the skips out, and then only pay someone else to tip the real rubbish.


    waderider, that hetchins tale reminds me of when I asked an old mate as to what happened to that A S Gilot frame he had at his mums house. ‘Smashed it up with a firemans axe…the way you do’ he said.

    Complete non working Scalextrix (ford Sierra one) only needed the little white cog in the cars replaced, 50p each and was working again.
    Set of retro Shimano factory wheels near perfect but with a siezed freehub.

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Someone will have had my army medals 🙁 I had a tidy up when I moved and remember throwing the envelope out with all four in . I remembered too late tho


    @Firestarter- that is too bad, I feel for you 🙁


    So OP now you’ve taken that turbo trainer out of circulation how will you put it beyond use? D Chastelaij may be able to help.

    This is extraordinary devotion to the cause… 😀


    Great thread. I have always wondered why most councils let the gangs who work those sites get away with the BS that goes on at the tips.

    If you have a spare 15min you should watch this TED talk

    I’ve had 2 big compost bins that are around £70 each (think I paid about £3.23 for them as the bloke said £5 but that was all I had in my pocket). + both of the kids first bikes for £1 each. A nice big wicker log basket for 50p! (would have been £20-£30 easy in a shop), loads of old terracotta plant pots, a laminated OS map of Purbeck (rolled up in a tube – as new) + various other bits and pieces.

    The guys at our tip are great – they have a separate area where they display things that they think are worth reusing and only charge a few £ (or even pence) for stuff. I think they have it drilled into them that the company that runs it has to pay for each skip that goes into landfill and they are pretty keen to minimise the volume of stuff that does.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    A mate picked up a vintage Ritchey at the local tip shop for next to nothing.
    All the tips here have a shop, run for charity, for you to donate useful stuff.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Biggest bunch of jobsworths you’ll ever meet run our tip. I had to fill out a 2-page form to throw a tyre away. They steadfastly refuse to allow anything to be removed, & yet you watch them brazenly picking up something you’ve just chucked in the skip, & putting it in the office.
    I tried to chuck a 2’x2′ peice of plasterboard & was told I had to make a 20 mile round trip to their “specialist waste unit”.
    Needless to say it was snapped up & wheelybinned.

    Bunch of vigerous-genital-fondlers the lot of them.

    I used to drive a skip lorry. 8)

    Friends used to say that more stuff went in my Land Rover than to the tip. 😀


    Theres no such thing as tips anymore, they have been re-branded ‘Recycling Centres’

    Premier Icon parkesie

    The kids bike and shonky adults full sus i picked up have been put to good use today.

    left and right rear brakes lets go find a big hill.


    You’ll look like Brian Potter on crack.

    That looks bloody lethal.

    Premier Icon Davesport

    Ay-up Waderider 😀 I think my brother’s got your frame ! My brothers mate told him “there’s a bicycle frame down the tip, but the chain & seat stays are all twisted, like a corkscrew” Hmm, better get meself down the dump sharpish he thinks. Sure enough, as he suspected it’s a curly Hetchins. That was at least 10 years ago & he sent it back to some place dahn sahf to have it fully restored. It’s an absolute peach & soon to be on Fleabay.

    You don’t hale from the glasgow area by chance do you ? Somewhere around there he found it.


    Premier Icon parkesie

    its ok we’ll be wearing helmets and high viz vests

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