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  • MrNutt

    dobo I’m impressed, thats a nice deal you’ve found there!

    Hayes Stroker Ryde Brakes
    Deore disc hubs handbuilt with stainless steel double butted spokes and Mavic 117 black disc rims

    – £175.70 😯 nice!

    Headset FSA Pig – £16.63 (wiggle)

    Salsa CroMoto Rigid Fork – £55.99 (wiggle)

    FSA XC281 Riser Bars 680mm 25mm Black 31.8mm
    FSA OS190 LXC Stem 100mm 6 Deg Black 1.1/8″ 31.8mm
    FSA SL 280 Carbon Wrap Seatpost 27.2 350mm Carbon

    Selected FSA Package Price – £69.99 (chainreaction)

    SUB TOTAL: £318.41

    Remaining Budget: £181.59 to spend on:


    and erm gears?

    Damn, this must be a hell of a lot easier when dealing with trade prices! 😆


    hmmm, those Rock Lobsters look pretty cheap/butch eh Rudeboy 😉


    Not as cheap as that piece of folded sheet metal you ride around on, Nutt.

    You don’t get this, do you? You’re trying to build up something with ‘nice’ bits. You’ve gotta go budget and basic, to keep the price down.

    ‘Carbon wrap seatpost’ indeed… 🙄


    Right, a little over budget but I can’t be seen riding around on any old thing 😉

    24″ steel rigid singlespeed jump bike . . .

    £100.00 Frame: Fireeye Bloodshot (BMX B/B) – CRC
    £29.31 Forks: Handsome dog rigid – All Terrain Cycles
    £14.99 Headset: FSA Pig – Winstanleys BMX
    £13.99 Stem: Kore Sweet 69 22.2mm – CRC
    £11.99 Bars: Brand X D/H risers 22.2/25.4mm – CRC
    £5.50 Grips: Blank (white) – Winstanleys BMX
    £7.99 Levers: Blank (white) – Winstanleys BMX
    £5.40 Cables: 2 x Odyssey slick (white) – Winstanleys BMX
    £67.98 Brakes Tektro Aquila cable disc (front and rear)
    £35.99 Cranks: 4Jeri BMX cranks (BMX B/B included) – Winstanleys BMX
    £16.00 Chainwheel: 36T Fireeye – CRC
    £4.99 Chain 4Jeri BMX – Winstanleys BMX
    £10.00 Seat Blank – CRC
    £14.99 Seatpost Tioga – CRC
    £2.00 Seatclamp Brand X -CRC
    £9.38 Pedals Wellgo platform – Wiggle
    £19.98 2 x Tyres Maxxis Max Daddy 24″ – CRC
    £7.98 2 x Tubes Conti 24″ – CRC
    £63.63 F wheel DMR Comp 24″ – All Terrain Cycles
    £73.40 R wheel DMR Comp 24″ – All Terrain Cycles
    £13.99 S/S kit Gusset 1er 16T and spacers – CRC

    Grand total – £529.48 . . . I’m sure you’ll tell me if I’ve left out anything essential. Don’t think I’ll be building one up anytime soon (the Visa card is safely tucked away . . . for the moment) – much rather have one of these for £229 – baaaaaaaargin!!

    Edit: Bit of an oversight on the chainwheel/sprocket sizes as it’s a 24″er but a larger chainwheel/smaller sprocket shouldn’t make a difference to the price.


    Single speed town or hack bike:

    And I found that frame ages ago!

    Did I miss anything off?


    so how flexable is the budget?

    how about:

    on one 456 £119 crc
    marzocci all mountain 4 £140 crc
    tioga headset £8.88 wiggle
    hussefelt bar and stem £22 merlin
    wtb grips £4.74 bonthrone bikes
    system x seatpost £8.60 wiggle
    seatclamp 2.99 halfords
    tioga saddle 9.99 crc
    lx xm117 wheels lx disc kit £159 merlin
    michelen tyres £14 crc
    fsa cranks & bb £47 merlin
    chain 3.99 crc
    on one single sped kit £10.28 on-one
    v8 copy pedals £11.99 crc
    gusset chain tensioner £8 charlie bike monger

    £73 pound over budget but i have built a 140mm forked single speed 456 with hydro discs and external BB.

    I will admit that i wouldn’t wanna ride it cos of the shitty tyres!


    See, tinribz knows what he’s up to!

    Although you could still strip about £100 off that, by using V-brakes, and leaving out some of the extras, as well as nicking £5-10 here and there.

    Decathlon is a place to find some good basic bargains.

    Tomthumb’s build looks very good indeed!


    right!! I’m starting with this:

    Charge Iron Frame – £174.99 (wiggle)

    Hayes Stroker Ryde Brakes
    Deore disc hubs handbuilt with stainless steel double butted spokes and Mavic 117 black disc rims

    – £175.70

    SUB TOTAL: £350.69

    so thats frame, wheels and brakes, I think I may be able to do this!! this could be quite a quick & light singlespeed! must work hard to get this right!!


    I started with that too Mr Nutt (lovely isn’t it) but sadly had to drop to the Fireeye to keep the cost down. I shall watch your build with interest (and one hand on the visa card 😉 ) Don’t forget it’s a 24″ specific frame (doesn’t say so on the Wiggle site I know but check out the complete bikes on the Charge site – the V brake mounts are positioned for 24″ wheels) – your bargain wheels may be too big (tho’ I’ve been known to cram 26″ers into a 24″ frame before now).


    impressive builds, i think i would go the xc route and use tinribs zochi mz super comps and a Brand-X XC Hardtail 7000 from crc, then some of thoms kit and with any luck come in under 500


    I shall watch your build with interest (and one hand on the visa card)

    Now now, Mama…



    sticking with the British build here!!

    Charge Iron Frame – £174.99 (wiggle)

    Orange F8 Rigid Fork – £53.78 (orangebikes)

    then adding the wheel set:

    Hayes Stroker Ryde Brakes
    Deore disc hubs handbuilt with stainless steel double butted spokes and Mavic 117 black disc rims

    – £175.70

    so now we’ve got a modest rolling chassis that could climb and descend nicely, now it just need the easy bits!

    SUBTOTAL: £404.47

    bits to buy:

    Seat Clamp
    Cranks, Pedals, BB, Chainset
    seat post

    damn its gonna be a tight order on just £95.53!!

    AGH!! *** CRASH!! ***

    why didn’t I read the wheel size!!! the seat post should have given it away!! oh the horror!!

    back to the drawing board!!


    Oh but wait!! nah that would brake my own rule, just thought of building it up as a 30’er!! (the orange forks are 26’s) but I can’t swap a rear wheel from the wheel deal 🙁


    No, go for it, 26″ wheels should cram in there just about – chainstay length is 16″.

    This was my V24 with 26″ wheels and very low 26″ cruiser forks (even filed the slots in the V brake arms so that I could use Vs instead of discs) – wheel was only just in the dropouts though.

    Or you could just order one of these. 🙄








    mamadirt, don’t visit if your within grabbing distance of your purse dear!!!

    and definatly don’t look here:

    especially at that, no, don’t even think about that…

    nope, not at all.

    must not look 😆


    Oooooh, lovely but sadly just a little over budget 🙁 – never mind about the frame though – where’d they get those Gold Label forks from? – I want a pair for my Tazer.


    Actually scratch the budget – I reckon if I use some kit from under the stairs and in the garage I could build up one of these easily for under £500 . . .

    . . . and yet another orange bike wouldn’t even notice would it?


    hehe I refuse to be defeated on this challenge, I’m surprised that no one like CRC has put together a build kit that you could make up frames with!

    There you go Brant something to keep you busy during your transcontinental business executive/international playboy flights?

    just do three spec’s

    Mint Pack
    Works Pack
    Skint Pack

    and do them as:

    Transmission – everything that turns around
    Transmission SS – everything SS that turns around
    Control – bars, stem, brakes, grips/bar tape, bar ends,
    Finishing kit -Headset, BB, QR Skewers, seat clamp, saddle, seat post, pedals,

    then folks can just pick the frame and forks and buy bundled deals to build up the bike of their dreams?

    aw’cwmon! 😀


    Hmmm, not sure. I reckon this thread shows that folks who like to do their own builds are either going to go down the mega budget option of ‘under the stairs or in the garage’ or pimp it to the max 😉 with complete disregard for the latest special offers – I don’t see myself dropping £530 on that Fireye build anytime soon. It’s certainly made me consider a 24″er build though – you are a bad man Mr Nutt – do CRC pay you commission? 😉

    Premier Icon miketually

    Ton, those forks are not long enough for a 29er frame, are they?

    Are people including P&P in their prices?

    Personally, I think you’ve got to build it around those £99 wheels and tyres from On-One. Decent tyres make a huge difference to how the bike rides, and you’re getting Nevegals with those wheels. You’re looking at £30 for tyres and tubes, so unless you can find a pair of wheels for under £70, you’re going to struggle to beat these.

    Those wheels are disk-compatible, but I think you’ve got to go for V brakes for a budget build. I’d get a frame that will take Vs, but leaves the disc-door open for later.

    full XT groupset! £270! or the old octalink deore is at rush for £200!

    Frame GT avelanche 18″ £77
    Wheels £100 on-one
    Groupset £200 rush
    Bars EA30 riser CRC £20
    Stem Answer ATAC £15 CRC
    Post £20, take your pick from CRC
    Saddle £20 take your pic
    pedals wellog Mg1 £30 on ebay
    grips DMR zips CRC £4

    £489 without forks 🙁

    Premier Icon miketually

    My LBS are doing a Specialized Hardrock Pro for £499.99 and for £200 less, you can get the Sport level model. Not sure you could beat that, or similar built bikes, while buying new parts.

    Premier Icon ton

    haro mary ss on offer too at £350 complete.
    impossible to beat i think.


    Done it!!!!!!!!!

    Decent frame, forks (With poploc!!) and wheels, ready to upgrade to discs, and an LX drivetrain, Kenda tyres and brand name finishing kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Total price £489.67 which leaves a bit for 2 tubes from Tesco, some cable if needed and electrical tape for rim strips

    FRAME Merlin Malt 1 with Seatpost, seatclamp and headset £99.95

    FORK RS Tora+Poploc £99.95

    Wheels Deore + 117s £59.95

    WTB Saddle £13.99

    TYRES Kenda Blue Groove x2 £25.98

    Truvative Stem £12.99

    Truvative Bars £14.99 (Will fit stem)

    Shimano Acera V Brakes x2 £21.98

    Matching Acera Brake Levers £13.99

    Truvative Chainset £19.99

    BB to fit above £11.99

    Deore LX Front mech £12.99

    Deore LX Rear mech £21.99

    Deore shifters £24.95

    Deore Cassette & Chain £29.99

    DMR Grips £4


    Personally, I think you’ve got to build it around those £99 wheels and tyres from On-One. Decent tyres make a huge difference to how the bike rides

    True, but my Deore/Mavic/Kenda combo comes in at under £86.

    Premier Icon pypdjl

    Plus postage, and doesn’t include tubes and rim tape…

    wow, thats pretty dam good, definately on a par with £500 bike from the shops anyway. They’r all free post are they not? £2 for 2 tubes form decathlon, £1 for enough lecy tape to make 100’s of whels from poudland, cables are 99p form decathlon.

    I have that stem on my bike, stiff, light and 1/5th of the price of a thompson one, but thats about all we’ve got in common.

    Problem is now you’ve got to build the thing. whis i probably £200 in tools!

    Hands up who’s going to buy it?

    Can you tell it’s boring at work, To up the ante, I thought I’d try and source it all from one place, and have gears and hydro discs. A quick shifty at merlin gets you this…

    Wheels: Deore on Mavic XM117 with LX Discs (£151.95 @merlin)
    Tyres:Maxxis Tomahawk (£17.96 for the pair @ merlin)
    Brakes:LX dual control (£0- see above @ merlin)

    Rear mech: Deore (£26.95 @merlin)
    Cassette: Sram PG970 11-32 + PC971 chain (£36.95 @merlin)
    Chain: PC971 chain (-£0 see above- @ merlin)
    Chainset: Deore hollowtech (inc bb) (£49.95 @merlin)

    Grips: Lizard Skins (£7.50@merlin)
    Bars: Truativ Husselfelt bar/stem combo (£22.95@merlin)
    Stem:Husselfelt (-£0 see above- @ merlin)
    Headset: Ritchey WCS (£22.95 @merlin)
    Seatpost: Easton EA30 (£21.95 @merlin)
    Seat: sdg bel-air (£19.95@merlin)

    Forks: Salsa CroMoto Rigid Fork (£55.99 @ wiggle*)
    Frame: Merlin dual (inc seatclamp) (£64.95@ merlin)

    Total £ 499.55 🙂

    Ok, so still needs 1x cable, 2x tubes, and pedals (which you never get with a new bike), but you could trade those for the outer and inner ring from the chainset.

    I reckon that would be a pretty decent bike though- obviously the frame is the weak point. None of the other kit is at all bad though- some of it is pretty nice even, and if you wanted to run it singlespeed that would give you an extra £20 for a better frame.


    Why is this thread so damn addictive? I have a brand new Simtra frame on ebay at the mo (a bit long for me and it was the wrong colour orange OK 😳 ) . . . if it doesn’t sell I may just have to trawl this thread for bargains and build it up anyway (pimping as and when funds allow).

    Ok, a weight weenies build that would make a great XC bike,

    Rock Lobster team tig frame (3.5lbs, £180), Salsa Cromoto rigid forks (£55), Deore on Mavic XM117 with LX Discs (£152 or XT on 717 running LX V’s for less), On-one converter (£10), Deore Cranks/BB (£50). Assorted choice of finishing kit from earlier posts (including electricians tape and decathlon tubes) up to a max of £54.

    Very doable for under £500 (except pedals, again). Great frame and forks, decent wheels/brakes. Tempting.

    Still bored at work.


    I’ve come up with:

    9spd, suspension, V-brakes Handbuilt readily available freehub wheels, 27″ bars for £414
    (+£15 for a bashguard – though not always needed with 1x9spd)

    Sintesi 708 (inc. headset – inc. star but/top cap?) £80 – merlin
    FSA seatpost £13 – CRC
    Deore/Mavic XM117 V-brake wheels £60 – merlin (sale wheels)
    Deore 9spd Casette/Chain (11-32 or 11-34T) £30 – merlin
    Michelin Mud 2″ tyres £16 – CRC
    tubes £5.50 – merlin
    Deore triple chainset/BB £30 – merlin
    Wellgo V8 flat pedals £11.50 – merlin
    Selle Italia Saddle £12 – CRC
    Truvativ Hussefelt 27″ bars/40mm stem £23 – merlin
    Planet X grips £3 – CRC
    Deore V-brake kit £33 – merlin
    LX 9spd rear shifter £15 – merlin
    Hone front mech £12 – CRC
    LX rear mech £22 – CRC
    Rockshox Dart 2 (postmount) £60 – CRC

    27spd, shimano pre-bled hydraulics disc brakes, Hollowtech style triple chainset, air fork, lock on grips, SPDs, folding 2.3″ tyres, handbuilt readily available freehub wheels for £560.50

    Merlin Malt 1 (inc. headset, seat QR, seatpost) £100 – merlin
    Shimano Deore 6bolt/Mavic XM317 £84 – merlin (handbuilt wheels)
    Deore 9spd Chain/casette (11-32 or 11-34T) £30 – merlin
    Continental Gravity 2.3″ folding (and tubes) £36 – merlin
    Truvativ Firex triple (hollowtech style BB) £45 – merlin
    Shimano M520 SPD pedals (inc. cleats) £20 – merlin/JeJames
    Selle Italia saddle £12 – CRC
    Truvativ Hussefelt 27″ bars/40mm stem £23 – merlin
    Outland lock on grips £10.50 – merlin
    Deore dual control 27spd shifters/160mm 6-bolt rotors (post mount front) £80 – CRC
    Hone front mech £12 – CRC
    LX rear mech £22 – CRC
    Marzocchi MZ air/coil fork £86 – merlin

    By dropping the air fork, External BB, SPDs, folding tyres, lock on grips,
    more-known-frame I can get it to £476.50 (So still got pre-bled hydros, 27spd)

    Ooh, and I think except wheels/frames all the postage is inlcuded too


    Ha ha, the bike i bought a couple of weeks ago pwns anything on this thread so so far. It cost £560, but i’ve sold the Thomson post (bought an Easton EA70 for £11 to replace it) and extra tyres it came with and now i’m down to £526. If i can sort out that last little bit i’ll post a picture.


    Yes, but finbar, you’re bike doesn’t fit into the rules of this ‘game’ by being second hand? and not retail, and coming as one item?


    Ah, sorry – reading fail. My apologies. But still:

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