The stupidest bike lock in the world is launching!

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  • The stupidest bike lock in the world is launching!
  • Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    For fans of bullpuckies over complicated crap – I present to you:

    The Skylock


    Skylock connects to your phone so you never have to worry about losing your key.


    Skylock uses its accelerometer to notifiy your bike is being tampered with. If your bike shakes, Skylock will feel it, and send you an alert.


    Skylock can detect many types of serious crashes using its built-in accelerometer. The Skylock app can notify anyone in your trusted network.


    Skylock lets you share access to your bike with anyone in your trusted network. With Skylock you can create and set up your own bike share system.

    All this useless crap for a mere….
    $199 [plus tax]

    This is just about the daftest thing I have ever read.

    Keys. Keys have been around for hundreds of years.

    They don’t go flat.
    They don’t have software issues.
    They don’t need electricity from the sun.
    They don’t have capacitive buttons that stop working in the rain.
    They don’t have the possibility of being overridden/hacked though USB.
    They don’t have the possibility of being overridden/hacked though WiFi.
    They don’t require a large amount of energy and raw materials to make.
    They don’t send false alerts if your bike falls over.

    They are cheap to manufacture.
    They are reliable.
    They can be almost impossible to hack.
    They can be replaced easily [keep keyID code from manufacturer].
    They don’t depend on your phone battery/software.
    They work in the rain/sun/hot/cold.

    They’re a better design solution, sorry.
    [Though I applaud their work to bankrupt hipsters]

    Premier Icon ibnchris

    I quite like it


    Looks like quite a good idea

    It wont work for me because I don’t carry a lock – instead I leave big motorbike chains in town and at work…. and I wouldn’t part with £200 for a lock.

    But I can see certain people buying that, especially those that regularly leave there bike in different places and allow family and friends to use it.

    Sorry to urinate on your camp fire but they will probably make a lot of cash

    plus one

    Aye the thieves will be shitting it when they go mainstream …. You’ll be looking at your phone alert while someone is merrily riding off on your bike 🙄

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    💡 Give someone else the key/combination?

    I don’t know if it’ll make money, there’s loads of daft ideas that do.
    Doesn’t mean they’re good ideas.

    Premier Icon eddie11

    Is that Ronnie osullivan?

    This is a great example of inventing something that doesn’t need inventing. What a waste of time.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Is that Ronnie osullivan?

    Carl Sagan innit? A man who had many great ideas. None of them were a phone operated bike lock.

    Premier Icon lovewookie

    Noticed it’s only for iphone users.

    makes sense now. 😉


    That’s more expensive than most peoples bikes isn’t it?! (present company excepted of course).

    This is just about the daftest thing I have ever read.

    …on the site that used to carry an advert for the Saggle

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Now on the main site… maybe I was little harsh?

    Maybe they should test one 🙂


    I Prefer the Sag-O-Meter that came with my Stumpy. Until the O-ring fell off 🙂


    A thief would saw thru my bike to get at the lock.


    I see this lock not as an unattended lock but a lock you use when you stop at a cafe or pub.

    If the mechanical aspects are decent enough then any thief is unlikely to defeat it on their first attempt especially if they have not come across it before and may give you enough time to get back before they do.

    My only real concern is the price.


    The only lock that is worth buying is the one your insurance will pay out one.


    Does it come with a key to open should there be a mechanical problem?


    How’s the solar panel going to work in Glasgow or Manchester?

    Also why do I want to share my bike?

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