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  • Mr Woppit

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    Btw, don’t do what a guy at work did and google shart instead of shard, messy.

    Er… ak! Eeeeeeeewwwwww


    This one’s from Silent UK who broke into the Shard in April and captured this beauty at night.

    Got to love the media.

    ‘Broke into’ could be substituted for ‘walked in the door’ and went up some steps (albeit near an hour of climbing!). Media blows everything up into painful hype.

    I quite like the building, its location I believe is very good, all around that area is on the up anyway.

    The wind turbine tower over in E&C was very strangely placed (and the turbines can’t be run during the day because of vibrations/noise running down inside the building) and AFAIK is STILL not fully occupied (and likely never will be) and its been there at least 18months. Same for Heron tower, there’s still space going.

    The guys that build these things don’t expect to see returns in 1-5years, more like 20-30years, so the current economic climate isn’t really too much of a bother, it will pick up (years away), but when it does, they will have tens of thousands of square footage ready on the market ahead of those that only build in times of prosperity.


    It looks okay, but I prefer the Gherkin.

    It’s just a shame that some greedy little toe-rag wants £24.95 to let you look out of the windows, hopefully he’ll be bankrupt before the year is out. Would be nice if we could have something in this country without all the nasty little spivs wanting a piece of it first.


    These projects are sold to investors as ‘trophy stock’ – people like to associate themselves with the biggest and best. There was a phrase I liked recently from the Face Book listing ‘muppet bate’, similar principal. From an investment return perspective you would be better buying a kebab shop in Shoreditch.

    I quite like the architecture – there is much worse about and the fact Charlie will hate it gives it more appeal.


    Hooray, we’ve built something that’s quite tall but tiny in comparison to many other buildings.

    It’s not even as tall as that big brown pylon in Franceland.

    95% recycled though, so the ecomentalists should be happy.


    Me likeee , seriously it is rather “brilliant ” (see what I did there )
    I’ve watched it’s progress from my pad in CW and it has been a fabulous view through it’s build cycle. I’ve ridden around it a few times on me bike like just to get a better view of it .
    I’m not bothered if it’s a success or not tbh, just hope it breaks even world be good.
    Glad someone had both vision and imagination to build it.

    “Most Excellent”


    Madame took 67 French kids to London and the collective verdict was that the Shard is ace.

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    It’s just a block of flats FFS.


    It’s just a block of flats FFS

    Really? Where did you get that from? The apartments are at the top, the rest is offices, restaurants, shops, etc; and unlike every other tall building in London, the public can actually gain access to it.
    Re the price to get to the viewing platform, anybody looked at what you pay for thirty minutes on the London Eye?

    Individual Price on the Day
    Adults (16 Plus) £18.90
    Child (4-15 years) £9.90
    Child (Under 4) FREE
    Senior* £15.00 £13.50
    Family of Four** £57.60


    I like it. Bold architecture with an impressive skyline impact. I don’t care where the money came from to build it or how much it costs to go up it. It’s a cool landmark that makes it easier for folk like me to navigate around London when I visit. I like the Gherkin too for what it’s worth.


    ridiculous, irrelevant, big, over priced, pointless, ugly, stupid…..i can go on….ok i will…. isnt it just willy waving with buildings?


    Renzo Piano Workshop have done some very good buildings.
    Unfortunatatley the shard isn’t one of them.


    Sounds good.

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