The saga continues…

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  • The saga continues…
  • Premier Icon jamj1974

    Some of you may remember me posting this time last year about my cardiac issues.  I had a bicuspid and failing aortic valve, a weak aortic root and a hole in my heart aka VSD.  In March I had the surgery to replace the valve, aortic root and fix the VSD.

    During my surgery my heart was damaged and I was fitted with a pacemaker to control one side of my heart – this before I was discharged. The surgery was meant to give me the ability to regain my fitness and a more normal life expectancy.

    Since then, I’ve been working hard to recover but my recovery has been slower than I expected and as it turns out the surgeon and cardiac team expected.  In fact I had been telling them something wasn’t right since the surgery…  Investigating this, I’ve had further tests and these have shown that I now need a pacemaker for both sides of my heart and I am now actually in heart failure. It turns out the surgery not only hadn’t brought the long-term positive change it was meant to – but in fact it has done the opposite.

    Sorry about the long post and for being a bore about this, but I feel crushed.  I’m now in an unexpected life-limiting condition and it is a massive blow. My wife is feeling similarly to me, so I don’t want to burden her with more of this than I have. I’m finding it so hard to act normally in front of our children. I am so gutted.

    Premier Icon grahamt1980

    People carry on with pacemakers a lot longer than you think.
    my grandad had one of the early ones in the 1980’s and kept going until last year.
    bear in mind how quickly medicine improves now, don’t assume life is over.
    there is always hope

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Sounds pretty shit jamj but I guess you’re now “in it” and you’ll have to, ultimately, accept and live with it. Meantime, your family CAN support you in this

    … but, for sure, post up all you like on here and bore the tits off us lot 😉


    I really can’t relate to how you are feeling, however you must stay strong, you can’t change what you have been dealt but you can change how you deal with it. I have seen members of my family sucombe to as well as deal with and survive difficult ilnesses. One piece of advice from a surviver is don’t speak to people witht the same condition because you will notice when they are gone – morbid I know, but it really helped that family meneber come to terms with their OWN fight strategy.

    Dont do anything hasty take your time, your family are their to support, you as is STW.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    It must be an awful shock, but you’d be amazed what people can do with pacemakers.

    My father in law is having one fitted on Thursday, and he can’t wait. He’s 85 and just been told there is nothing more they can do for his prostate cancer, but he’s determined to make the most of it.

    Premier Icon keithd

    This time last year I had my own cardiac worries, suspected angina. Fortunately after all kinds of tests I was told it wasn’t so to carry on as normal but the fear is still there when I start pushing myself so I ease up again. It drives me crazy not being able to go as hard as in the past. Obviously not as serious as your issues but I totally understand your frustration and disappointment. I hope you can find a positive outlook to your circumstances and take strength from your kids cos they love you however slow you pedal!
    Not sure I have phrased this correctly but it was meant to be supportive. Best wishes pal.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Thank you for your support – it’s appreciated.

    To clarify a little. The pacemaker bit isn’t the problem – it’s the heart failure that’s the problem. I’m currently more breathless than I was before my original surgery.


    Sorry to hear that Jamj, I assumed you were on the mend. I hope you get some way forward with it soon. I can understand how worrying it must be for all.

    I’m still waiting for my cardiac MRI to get to the bottom of my issues. Hopefully end of this month!

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