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  • The Running 2019 thread – beginners/ultras/whatever
  • Those pics are amazing @eastcoastmike!


    Shoes – struggling to find trail shoes that just work (and are well south of 100 quid). My feet are quite square-ended (flippers), I found the shape of Merrells to work well – but they don’t seem to make anything which offers a bit of rock protection. Tried them on the trail once and every other step made me wince if I wasn’t careful where my foot went. Maybe a case of getting used to them but I’ve got too many aches and pains without worrying about another.

    Oddly, I get on best with Walshes but the hills have been way too dry for them for the last month or so. Inov 8s, after a dozen runs, have split in so many places they just fill up with dirt and stones now.

    Anyone had a less aggressive sole put on a pair of Walshes? Hmmm…


    Shoes – struggling to find trail shoes that just work (and are well south of 100 quid). My feet are quite square-ended (flippers), I found the shape of Merrells to work well – but they don’t seem to make anything which offers a bit of rock protection

    Altra Lone Peak have a very wide toe box, but they’re zero drop and no doubt more than 100gbp. Very comfortable though!


    North Face trail shoes are wide, and some come with a rock plate.
    Not cheap RRP, but deals can be had from their outlet stores (or outlet web – but you really should try them on) 😀

    I wouldn’t buy NF stuff now, s’all about fashion with them, overpriced and I don’t know anyone that wears them.

    Never even seen NF trail shoes. The Altra does seem similar in shape to the Merrels, 120e in Forum though.
    Found some inov 8 roclites for 60 quid meanwhile, not impressed with how the last pair (trailroc) died so fast but I’ll get them patched up as they are comfy. Hope the roclites are a bit beefier.


    The inov8s are really comfy but it depends which you get to how fragile they are.
    My x-talons seem pretty bullet proof but my trail talons are just the opposite.
    Both are great for long off road runs but I don’t think the trail talons will stand up to much abuse, and they already have a hole appearing by my little toe.
    If the areas by little toes/ball of foot is the mesh type then I think they may not be as robust as you might want!


    FlyingMonkey…. Re adidias

    I don’t buy any other shoe … (Well I do try and experiment with other makes, but they never feel as quick as when I lace on an adidas)

    But they are known to be sized small …. I have to get a whole size up.

    Good Luck


    I’m currently using Innov8, also find them comfortable. Assuming you’ve got similar shaped feet you could also try La Sportiva or New Balance, I’ve had luck with both brands.


    I gave up on Inov8s due to the durability issues. They weren’t a great fit on me but the fact that I had 3 pairs of Mudclaws that were pretty much fit for the bin after a couple of weeks use was the final straw.

    All my running shoes are Salomon now but unfortunately they’ve stopped making my faves and I’ll need to do a bit of research as to which current model is the closest alternative. A better fit on my narrow feet and massively better wear.


    A little story: Ok, so after 20+ years of being a Darwen Dasher I had a first tonight. I was leading 5 of us on an off road headtorch run. We were heading towards a footpath stile near a house in the sticks. Lots of barking going on. A bloke there with 3 beagles.
    Us: ‘Alright?’
    Him (angrily): ‘Where are you going?’
    Me: ‘Along this footpath.’ as we climb over it.
    Him: ‘At this time of night?’ (It was about 7.30pm)
    Me (probably not helping): ‘Why, what time does it stop being a footpath?
    Him (apoplectic): It’s a footpath not a… a running path!’
    Me: (definitely not helping): Ha ha ha! Are you serious??’
    And we carried on our way with him blustering impotently behind us.
    So there we are – a first. Given a bollocking for running on a footpath. Wow. Just, wow.
    It was dark but you could pretty much sense the purple face and the vein throbbing on his forehead.
    Obviously it would be terrible if we frequently took the route through Gammon Boy’s property now, eh…

    What a bawbag!

    Couple of incidences of dog bites in the last week here, one was a greyhound, actually on a lead, one of our club running past and the thing launched itself at him, fortunately only got his jacket.

    Another mate of mine cycling up on WHW on Loch Lomondside, big dug sinks it’s teeth into his knee. Victim blaming diatribe from dog owner ‘it’s cos you’re cycling, he doesn’t like bikes’ and then ‘your knee doesn’t look bad, it could have been worse’

    I despair of some dog owners. Stay safe folks.


    Like the idea of the #everysinglestreet as something to motivate getting out there.


    great plan.

    shame id have to run to the city first 🙁

    anyway i noticed something the other night – i run country roads and farm tracks a lot due to where i live and I’m always paranoid about being flattened from behind despite running on the correct side of the road with a headtorch that has rear lighting.

    I noticed that my knog plus rear light is perfect for clipping to the top of my sock – so you get the flashing of the light and the moving of the leg. Bright enough to project a good red glow on the ground behind you.


    Well massive gains in today’s duathlon.

    Went at 4:06/km for the first 4.2km run

    The bike was a hard windy 30km done at 36.5km

    And second run at 4:36/km

    Previous duathlons I’ve been over a minute slower on second run much to the non cyclists who breeze past me in the second run.

    I was actually able to fight back and hold folk off.

    Good to see improvements from the winter

    Superb mate, well done. Was challenging conditions today too, downright horrible this morning.

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    Runners might be interested in this Kindle book that is 99p today
    North, Scott Jurek

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    Great to read so many fabulous stories and reading peoples journeys. I see we have a few newbies too, that’s great… the more the merrier on the best thread in STW.

    Happily I’m back to QECP, I left it alone over the winter in part because of the works going on there and TBH I couldn’t be arsed with the drive. So mostly flat lander stuff has kept me (in) sane and happily 10k three times a week..

    Good to be back in shorts and T-shirt and ankle socks. Even in that mini heatwave we had the other week I went out in long legs and long sleeve.. I kinda thought it wouldn’t last so opted for comfort just in case.

    Glad to report the brambles are nasty buggers and out to scar ankles again. 🥴

    Looks like I’ll be back out in my ON Cloudventures by the weekend, I’ve been in my SpeedX’s all over the winter and they feel like high heels 🤪

    I’ve got two sessions with Sam from Karibu booked, again looking for a mini strength/pace up-my-game-get-back-into-some-proper-pace for the spring/summer.

    Nothing planned like long distance stuff (like i’d planned last year) staying a little more local other than a trip upto Borrowdale where I think I’ll hack around Whinlatter for a giggle.. give me a shout before you run me over…ta.

    Ye canny go to borrowdale and ride whinlatter ffs! Get out on the fells man! 😂


    On the subject of shoes – bought some Hoka Mafete Speeds at the beginning of the year – they don’t look / feel too worn but they’ve done nearly 500km so probably good for another 300km. I did buy some Salomons for the winter – they’re mean to be their cushioned trail shoe – are they having a laugh? Horrible, stiff as boards but they’re Gore-Tex so wet runs only. I bought some Nike React Flyknits for faster road work – I have some Adidas Ultraboosts already – boy those Nikes are fast, knocked 1:30 off my 10k without trying when it was raining / heavy tights and top so looking forward to the next warm day…

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    Well I had a very interesting run last night. Went out for an easy 10k along a route on the canals that I know very well. First bridge I didn’t duck enough and managed to split the top of my head open. A lot of blood loss and a very panicked wife later and I have 23 staples in my head.

    I have learned the following:
    Heads bleed a lot, and running tops, head bands and gloves do not adsorb nearly enough.
    People are good. As I walked off the canal with my head covered in blood, not 1 but 3 people stopped their cars and offered me phones, lifts home and warm clothes. Wonderful people one and all.
    Related to the above, I’ve now had the long coming “you must take your phone with you” conversation with the wife. Flagging down passers by is not an option apparently.
    And finally, if you turn up and A&E wearing a blood covered beach towel on your head (picked up from home before the wife took me to the hospital) then you get seen very quickly indeed. 90 minutes from walking in to being discharged. The NHS is absolutely awesome.

    So yes, don’t misjudge bridge heights folks, a painful mistake.

    Pics obviously available if I can work out how to link from Instagram!


    So, 7 months and one day after surgery for Prostate cancer I did my 2nd ever Ultra marathon on Saturday. 32 miles, 5000’ climb with some initially ‘interesting’ conditions in 6:12, and actually enjoyed it. For a long time I really didn’t think I’d ever be up to this. It was a pretty big deal to me.


    @MrSparkle well done! And congratulations on your 7 month post you congratulate for that? Feels it deserves something.

    If i saw you at start I would have come over for a natter.

    I had never done it either so was not sure what to expect from it. Good route and weather not too biblical although I certainly did not expect that head wind!

    @lunge your Strava said pics on request?

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    Is that a request @ajf?!


    Cheers man. I don’t think I’ve seen you since that FRA bike ride many years ago! It was pretty tough, I must admit. How did you do?

    @mrsparkle good work! Did I read about that footpath altercation on the fra forum?

    @lunge christ, I properly winced at that.

    I seem to be crocked. My knee felt dodgy last Sunday, especially descending, so I did two more 15k runs the following days to pretty much seal it. Rested / iced a few days, took a tentative run on the road for the first time ever yesterday, 5k and the knee felt alright so I climbed a bit, didn’t feel bad, descended and… Ouch. Still not right. Physio Wednesday. Sun 24th is a 30k trail, double what I have ever run before, with tight time cuts. Would sneak into AL category if it were a fell race. Was hoping to have managed at least 20k beforehand but a better approach might be rest and just try to avoid the time cuts on the day.


    @MrSparkle Borrowdale as well, but that was probably over a decade ago. Surely there has been other fell races? Pendle?

    Yeh alright, just outside 5 hours which considering the headwind over to widdop I am happy with. Enjoyed it all in all, even the wind.

    @lunge I am not sure, I thought I did but maybe not.

    Edit: too slow there. Omg @lunge it looks like someone tried to scalp you.

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    @ajf, insta links above. Discretion encouraged.


    Bloody hell lunge that looks painful. I know what you mean about the blood. Years ago on a club run we were clipping along in the dark along a grass verge in Kirkby not far from the motorway slip road. I ran between two posts where a large sign should have been. The sign was missing but the thin steel frame wasn’t! Hit it hard and it knocked me out, claret everywhere. Came too and had to jog back to the old stadium to get a lift to A&E. Absolutely covered in blood, shocking sight but other than a deep cut that cleared up quite quickly and 2 black eyes no long term damage. How we laughed.

    Did my longest non stop run on Sunday at a trail race in Manchester 20.2 miles In 2hr 53 it was muddy windy raining and snowing oh did I say muddy

    Very pleased as the only other time I’ve done a 20 was the other week and I stopped a couple of times for gel/bar/drink. I was hoping for a 3hr or close. Now for the next big one 32 miles and big climbs In June 😁

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    It’s happened. After fighting it for years, my wife has now bought a tiny, cheap phone to take running. Apparently splitting your head open is enough to warrant it. I’m not happy.

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    Went back to the scene of the crime last night, seem I left some hair behind on the bridge that I hit. Pic here if you want a glance.

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    Makes point to not look at Lunge’s insta. I liked my Altra running shoes but have to say that the supposed 500 miles you get from trainers was more an aspirational target with them, they were pretty frail.


    I liked my Altra running shoes but have to say that the supposed 500 miles you get from trainers was more an aspirational target with them, they were pretty frail.

    I got about that from mine. Not sure how much of a difference it makes, here it’s dry/rocky/sandy – abrasive but no mud.


    @firestarter what’s the event in June?

    Mr sparkle it’s called the summer white rose ultra it’s a baby version of the winter one but going to be bloody hard for me lol

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    Ye canny go to borrowdale and ride whinlatter ffs! Get out on the fells man! 😂

    I am am scared of the fells 🤦‍♂️

    Seriously I am, I run over the Dales moors near Harrogate/Pateley and stick to the hard trails.. that’s enough bog for me.

    Lunges pic has made me feel ill. 🤮


    Taking part in the Hardmoors 50 on Saturday . Eeek!
    Training over winter hasnt been great … the number of long, off-road runs I’ve done is way down on what I had intended to get done so it’ll be an exercise in pacing it out with the aim to finish within the cut off time.
    Incessant checking of the weather and it looks like I won’t avoid the rain / wind / snow…and god knows what else the North York Moors can magic up. The bbc weather is all over the place tbh so I’ll only start taking notice of it tomorrow night.
    I’ve come close to cancelling but where’s the fun in that!
    Wish me luck .. I’ll need some 🙂

    I’ve looked at the Hardmoors series before, it’s localish to me, but I was looking at the 10k rather than the ultras… Good luck @stox, let us know how you go! Fingers crossed for the weather…

    I just picked up a pair of Nike Pegasus 35s online to replace my aging Sauconys, according to the size chart I need a 9.5 which is smaller than I would have expected… But hey, free returns.

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