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    Rich owners? Well sort of. They’re rich because they’ve taken the club to the cleaners, saddled us with nearly a billion quids worth of their debts, while paying themselves a fortune, and left us technically bankrupt. Which is exactly why we are where we are!

    and just to check in time since they took over in May 05 Man U have managed to win the league 5 times and the Champions League. It must be awful for you all.


    Binners have you bought this seasons Man U shirt? 😉

    No! So stop the ‘us’ and ‘we’ 😆


    bring back the penalty free kick, this games never been then the same since Ray Reardon left.


    Perhaps the players ought to earn their over-inflated salaries and put some bloody effort in – Rooney just seems to be running around everywhere upsetting any supposed formation that Moyes is trying to play.

    It’s not all the fault of Moyes – Gill shouldn’t have left at the same time as bacon-face, leaving the negotiation of new signings to someone who obviously hadn’t a clue about the dark arts of football transfers and spurious agents. If Gill had stayed another season they might have had more success in the summer transfer market. And completely clearing out the back-room staff should never have been allowed by the Board – again bad management at the top level.

    As has been said above dynasties usually come to an end, and its nice to see such a tight battle at the top for a change.

    As a Leeds fan I have no sympathy for the cries of crisis from the prawn sandwich brigade – until you support a team like Leeds or Portsmouth you don’t know what a crisis is!

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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